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Colonization and Assimilation


Books, Non-Fiction

Secret of the Dance

By Andrea Spalding and Alfred Scow, 2006.

An illustrated storybook about a boy who views a secret potlatch at the time when they were outlawed by the Canadian government.  (Grade 1 and up)


Film & Video

Forgotten Warriors.

National Film Board of Canada, 1997. (51 min)

From the NFB website:  “Although they could not be conscripted, when World War II was declared, thousands of Canadian Aboriginal men and women enlisted and fought alongside their non-Native countrymen. While they fought for freedom for others, ironically the Aboriginal soldiers were not allowed equality in their own country.” 

Club Native.  

National Film Board of Canada, 2008. (78 mins)

From the NFB website: “In Club Native, Deer looks deeply into the history and present-day reality of Aboriginal identity. With moving stories from a range of characters from her Kahnawake Reserve - characters on both sides of the critical blood-quantum line - she reveals the divisive legacy of more than a hundred years of discriminatory and sexist government policy and reveals the lingering “blood quantum” ideals, snobby attitudes and outright racism that threaten to destroy the fabric of her community.”

The Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian View of the Hudson`s Bay Company. 

National Film Board of Canada, 1972. (43 mins)

From the NFB website:  “The Hudson's Bay Company's 300th anniversary celebration was no occasion for joy among the people whose lives were tied to the trading stores. This film, narrated by George Manuel, president of the National Indian Brotherhood, presents the view of spokesmen for Canadian Indian and Métis groups. There is a sharp contrast between the official celebrations, with Queen Elizabeth II among the guests, and what Indians have to say about their lot in the Company's operations."

Available online.


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