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General History


Books, Fiction

The Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway

By Edward Benton-Banai, 2010.

From Amazon.ca: "The Ojibway is one of the largest groups of Native Americans, belonging to the Anishinabe people of what is today the northern United States and Canada. The Mishomis Book documents the history, traditions, and culture of the Ojibway people through stories and myths passed down through generations. Written by Ojibway educator and spiritual leader Edward Benton-Banai, and first published in 1988, The Mishomis Book draws from the traditional teachings of tribal elders to instruct young readers about Ojibway creation stories and legends, the origin and importance of the Ojibway family structure and clan system, the Midewiwin religion, the construction and use of the water drum and sweat lodge, and modern Ojibway history." (All ages)


Books, Non-Fiction

Their Stories, Our History

This textbook series takes great pains to properly represent First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people, and their roles and perspectives regarding the history of Canada. The first chapter in the grade 7 text also teaches about Aboriginal worldviews and culture. Highly recommended. (Grade 7 and 8)

Canada’s First Peoples

A text book series.

Aboriginal Peoples – Building for the Future

By Kevin Reed, 1999.

An excellent overview of Aboriginal history in Canada up until 1999. Appropriate for use as a text. (Grade 7 and up).


Film & Video

Four part series by APTN entitled, Did you Know? Aboriginal History. YouTube

Segments run approximately 5 minutes long. Includes a straightforward introduction, with a good mix of important and engaging material.  (Grade 5 and up)


Canadian Aboriginal History: Voices YouTube (4:45 mins).

Includes interviews with Aboriginal people, and displays contemporary culture in a respectful manner.  (Grade 5 and up)


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