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Inuit Culture


Film and Video

Nunavut: New Partners in a New Territory

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 1999. (14 mins).

Available in libraries.

Between Two Worlds

National Film Board of Canada, 1990. (57 mins)

From the website: “Unknown to most Canadians today, Joseph Idlout was once the world's most famous Inuit. The subject of films and books, Idlout was one of the Inuit hunters pictured for many years on the back of Canada's $2 bill. Idlout became a symbol of his people, the heroic myth that fascinated the white imagination. In this film Idlout's son, Peter Paniloo, takes us on a journey through his father's life. Idlout, the great hunter, becomes a fox-fur trapper and guide. He gets caught up in the white world, trying to improve his family's fortunes. Finally, Joseph Idlout does not know who he is or where he belongs. He is "between two worlds." Joseph Idlout could never have imagined the changes that would overwhelm his North. But he was one of its first casualties.”

The Living Stone

National Film Board, 1958. (32:35 mins)

From the NFB website: “This documentary shows the inspiration behind Inuit sculpture. The Inuit approach to the work is to release the image the artist sees imprisoned in the rough stone. The film centers on an old legend about the carving of the image of a sea spirit to bring food to a hungry camp.”

The documentary is free to download.



Inuit Cultural Online Resource

From the website: “This site was created to provide a central location online to learn about Canadian Inuit culture. This site is designed to serve as a resource for Canadian school age children and their teachers. It's purpose is to offer new a different ways of learning about Inuit culture and what it means to be Inuit.” 

Includes information about contemporary and traditional Inuit culture, history, and teaching resources. (All grades)



Arctic Journeys

Montreal: On/Q Corporation, 1997.


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