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Environmental Issues

Books, Fiction

The Elders are Watching

by David Bouchard & Roy Henry Vickers, 2003 (illustrated)

From Google Books: “The Elders Are Watching is a plea to respect the natural treasures of the environment and a message of concern from aboriginal leaders of the past.” (Grade 2 and up)

As Long as the Rivers Flow

by Larry Loyie , 2002.

A short chapter book that explores one boy’s experience learning about the environment and his culture through an Aboriginal worldview. Some illustrations.  (Grade 1 and up)


Indigenous Worldviews and Ways of Knowing

Books, Non-Fiction

Bridging Cultures: Indigenous and Scientific Ways of Knowing Nature

by Glen Aikenhead and Herman Michell, 2012.

A great resource for teachers of science who want to explore ways of incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing the natural world into their science curriculum. (For teachers). 


Natural Resources

Film & Video


Something That Happened Within Our Generation – Dr. Dawn Martin-Hill’s video about the Lubicon Lake Cree. A video documenting how the Oil Sands in Alberta are hurting the First Nation of Lubicon Lake. (1:24 mins)  (Grade 8 and up)

Laxwesa Wa: Strength of the River. 

National Film Board of Canada, 1995. (54 mins)

From the NFB website: “As distinct fishing societies of great spiritual, cultural and economic wealth, First Nations peoples have always respected the resources of their rivers and oceans. But within their own lifetime, they have watched governments "manage" the fishery into a state of crisis. Now it's time for people to listen to what Natives have to say.”


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