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Indigo Esmonde



Dr. Indigo Esmonde
Assistant Professor, CTL

Focus: Equity and Diversity in Mathematics Education

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning at OISE. My research focuses on understanding issues of equity and diversity in mathematics education, and using that understanding to structure more effective and equitable mathematics learning contexts. I draw primarily from sociocultural and cultural-historical theories of learning to frame my research, and draw from a variety of research methods, including ethnographic, discourse analysis and conversation analysis, and video interaction analysis.

Current Partially Online Courses:

EDU 1220Y, Intermediate/Secondary Mathematics
A consideration of mathematics education at the Intermediate and Senior levels, including discussion of objectives, teaching methods, instructional materials, testing and evaluation, and selected topics from the Ministry of Education and Training Guidelines.

CTL 1799H S6, Special Topics in Curriculum: Culture and Cognition in Mathematics Education
This course explores the fundamentally cultural nature of all learning and cognition. The course is roughly split into three major sections. First, we explore sociocultural, situated, and cultural-historical approaches to understanding learning and cognition. These theoretical frameworks begin with the assumption that cognition is fundamentally social and cultural, always grounded in activity, practices and communities. Secondly, we will focus on empirical research on mathematical thinking in diverse contexts, ranging from elementary school mathematics classes to grocery shopping to carpet laying. Finally, using the theoretical and empirical work as a foundation, we will study approaches to designing instruction for culturally diverse groups of students.

Technologies Currently Used in Partially Online Courses:

Blackboard, WebKF, video clips and PowerPoint

Contact Information:

Website: http://individual.utoronto.ca/esmonde
Email: iesmonde@oise.utoronto.ca
Telephone: (416) 978-0117