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Online and Distance Education at OISE


Dr. Selia Karsten
Sessional Lecturer II, CTL

Focus: Holistic Education and Technology

I am a Sessional Lecturer Level II in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at OISE. Most of my publications are related to conference presentations and include studies of hybrid or blended learning models, web-based instructional design and self-actualizing processes.  My doctoral studies (completed 1999) focused on a holistic, arts-based approach to enhance the teaching and learning of computer applications. I have long been active in initiatives for alternative modes of delivery of post secondary curriculum with projects that include the development of multimedia learning materials, designing curriculum using technology and integrating web-based learning into the curriculum. My research emphasizes creativity and constructivist learning environments where students are encouraged to explore their own stories as they build skills with computer applications. I am involved in organizing Holistic and Arts-Based activities at OISE and in the University of Toronto Blackboard Pilot program.

Current Online Courses:

CTL1799: Holistic Approaches to Information Technology
This course is developed on a constructivist model. In this course, participants keep a reflective journal; take part in all- class discussions of selected readings.  There are learning partnership activities, a team project creating an educational resource for the Web, an individual web-based project and a reflective paper.   Both holistic curriculum concepts and using technology to enhance teaching and learning are continuing themes.  This course takes place online using Web Knowledge Forum and introduces a set of sub-conferences and synchronous chat using First Class. A few activities are conducted in Blackboard to gain familiarity with that learning management system.

CTL1000: Foundations of Curriculum
This course provides a framework for examining curriculum orientations. Participants discuss a variety of readings about curriculum as they develop critical and analytical skills on the subject.  The following topics are covered: understanding curriculum meta-orientations, approaches, sources of curriculum, the role of knowledge in curriculum, the hidden curricula, curriculum deliberation and curriculum processes (development, implementation, evaluation). For a final project, students prepare a reflective paper related to curriculum issues.  This course is offered online using Web Knowledge Forum.


Technologies Currently Used in Online Courses:

WebKF2, Blackboard, OISENet, Wikis, Blogs, Power Point

Recent Publications in the Field of Online or Distance Education:

Other Publications/Works:

Contact Information:

Website: My domain: http://astralsite.com and course specific: http://astralsite.com/1799 and http://astralsite.com/1000
Email: skarsten@oise.utoronto.ca