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Dr. Shelley Stagg Peterson
Associate Professor, CTL

Focus: Literacy

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Curriculum Teaching and Learning at OISE. My research and teaching interests are in elementary and adolescent literacy with a focus on socio-cultural issues in writing and writing assessment.
I joined the faculty at OISE/UT in 1999. For three years prior to that, I was an Assistant Professor at Ohio State University at the Lima campus. I completed my doctorate in Elementary Education at the University of Alberta. My doctoral work focused on literacy and language development and children's literature. My academic work is grounded in eight years of elementary classroom teaching in central and northern Alberta.
I am currently involved in a project, Teachers Learning Together, with Larry Swartz funded by the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario. This project involves conducting four case studies of teacher action research teams. In addition to conducting the case studies, Dr. Swartz and I meet with these and six additional research teams across Ontario to support their action research.
I initiated a peer-reviewed online journal of classroom based research in literacy with the intent of publishing research by classroom teachers and by teacher candidates. The first issue is due to be published in August, 2008. The journal and a research study examining the professional development potential of writing and reviewing for the journal are funded by an OISE/UT University Partnership Grant and a Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat Research Grant. For more information about contributing to the journal or serving as a reviewer, please check out the Journal of Classroom Research in Literacy website.
I am working with Dr. Jill McClay at the University of Alberta on a three-year research study funded by SSHRC: Practices and contexts for teaching writing in contemporary Canadian elementary and middle schools. In the first phase of our research, we are interviewing 230 grades 4-8 teachers in all provinces and territories to get a comprehensive picture of writing instruction and assessment across Canada. We are particularly interested in how teachers are responding to the social, cultural and linguistic uniqueness of their community contexts, how they are using technology and multimedia in writing, and how they are responding to provincial assessment demands.

Current Online Courses:

CTL 1009: Theory and Practice in Elementary Literacy Learning
This course examines a number of theoretical perspectives on literacy learning and instruction, exploring their implications for work with students in primary/junior/intermediate classrooms. Topics such as literacy across the curriculum, reading comprehension, beginning writing instruction, use of media and technology in writing, and sociocultural influences on literacy learning, will be explored in terms of various theoretical approaches.

Technologies Currently Used in Online Courses:

Web KF2, video clips


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Sharing Best Practices - Favourite Online Teaching Strategy:

Students appreciate the ongoing feedback I provide in the weekly conversations and the interim assessment I send them on their online participation.

Contact Information:

Website: http://leo.oise.utoronto.ca/~speterson/
Email: speterson@oise.utoronto.ca
Telephone: (416) 978-0329