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Act I Scene I

Catalogue Help

Using Kathleen's Catalogue to Search, Enter, Edit and Associate Resources

Members Only Section


Make a new hidden directory (and get Paul to relink help button)



Searching Tips (online and mobile)

Adding New Resources and Entering Fields (Metadata)

 - Uploads

 - Referring

Editing Existing Fields

Associating Related Resources

Purpose of Status and Collections

Working on a Resource with a Group (Checking Resources in and Out) - Figure this out and test!

Viewing or Linking to the Catalogue from Other Applications

 - Viewing Resources to Showcase such as a presentation (online and mobile)

 - C2C Community (Community Members Only) - link to C2C help 

 - Drama Research Website OISEcms (Admins Only) - Link to CMS help

 - Kathleen's Soliloquy

Administration and Membership Management

Research Team's Best Practices (Catalogue Potocol) - RT's to write

 - How to catalogue

 - -  - words, titles, keywords, associations (how/why/when, e.g. original files) web collection

 - Private/Public/Confidential = status to know what can be published (not permisiions)


ALSO HAVE A HELP FORM IN C2C for any tech help and documented protocols or how to's for anything within the project inclusing the technologies being used.


Check with programers -  when a resources is uploaded to the soliloquy - where does it go - to the catalogue (uncatalogued)?





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