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ETFO Change School Culture 

Assessing the Poverty and Education Project


The Elementary Teacher's Federation of Ontario (ETFO) approached Dr. Gallagher to assess the impact of ETFO's Poverty and Education Project and specifically their Whole School Support initiative. The play "Danny, King of the Basement", produced by Roseneath Theatre Company, toured Ontario schools with the aim of initiating dialogue on  the issue of poverty.
An article by Dr. Gallagher and Ivan Service further described the project as:
"... an intervention which encouraged educators to challenge their assumptions about poverty and explore collaborative opportunities to mitigate the effects of poverty in their schools. A touring theatre production (Danny, King of the Basement), professional development in drama, supporting curriculum documents, and other financial and material resources were provided by the Federation to a selection of schools serving students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds across the province.
Our purpose was to understand the impact and sustainability of an applied theatre intervention on a school’s ability to address the issue of local poverty effectively. Our findings report on the role that the applied theatre intervention played in effecting change in relationships, initiating dialogue, and deepening understanding of social issues.
Our analysis demonstrates that the applied theatre intervention had a positive effect on pedagogical relationships and acted as a catalyst in opening up dialogue between teachers and students, helping both to explore new conceptions of teaching and learning in communities facing economic challenges."

Gallagher, K. & Service, I. "Applied theatre at the heart of educational reform: an impact and
sustainability analysis". RiDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance.15.2, May 2010, 235-253.

ETFO Study Proposal ETFO Study Executive Summary ETFO powerpoint Presentation

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The ETFO study proposal gives insight into the hopes and intentions guiding the study. This executive summary from the 2007-2008 project outlines the study's findings. The ETFO powerpoint presentation gives quick information about the study, how it was constructed, who was involved, what occurred in the study, and what findings surfaced.


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