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Project Humanity Shelter Project


Hi I’m Dan. I’m one of the founders of Project: Humanity, and we’ve been brining free theatre programming into youth shelters for the past six years.  Now we believe its really important that that programming is free to the youth and to the shelter, so we rely on arts councils and members of the public, like you, to fund our programming.


Now right now we have an opportunity to make our programming a part of something much bigger. Enter Kathleen Gallagher.


Kathleen Gallagher is a professor at the University of Toronto and is part of a massive project called the Neighbourhoods Change Research Partnership, or the NCRP. Now the NCRP is investigating socioeconomic polarization in neighbourhoods across Canada. Kathleen approached us because she thinks she can get meaningful information from the youth by participating in our workshops and engaging with them creatively instead of just asking them questions with a piece of paper and a pen. I love it when people break convention and mix two things together like caramel and salt, or theatre workshops and research about neighbourhoods.


But why this is really exciting to us is that this means that we get to include the youth that we’re working with, and the shelter that we’ve been engaging with for the past six years, in this research project, and make their voices and opinions a part of it. This is research that’s going to be heard by politicians, policy makers, exactly the people who have the power and ability to change the neighbourhoods like the one that we’re going to every week. So of course when Kathleen approached us it was a no-brainer; yes we want to be a part of this. Even though this comes in between funding cycles and we don’t have the funds lined up to run the program. That’s where you come in.


We need an extra push from the public to try and fund this programming. To run our program every week for four months at no cost to the shelter we need at least $5000. And we hope to get at least $2000 of that here on Indie-Go-Go.  So check out our Indie-Go-Go campaign. Read more about the project and our company. Check out our perks; see if any of them interest you. And pick an amount that feels comfortable and generous.

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