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Student Voices

The Gallagher Approach - Past and Current Experiences

Below are a series of videos of past and current PhD and Masters students speaking about their personal experiences working with Dr. Gallagher. The "Current & Past Student Projects" section offers a list of recent projects by some of Dr. Gallagher's Masters and PhD students.

Lois Adamson

Lois is currently the Educational Services Coordinator at Young People's Theatre in Toronto, Ontario. She was a masters student of Dr. Gallagher's and an instrumental partner in the collaboration between Dr. Gallagher's research project and the Young People's Theatre.

(M.A.) An Exploration of the Value of Professional Theatre for Children. Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Completed June 2011.


Barry Freeman

Barry Freeman is currently an Assistant Professor in the Theatre and Performance Studies department at the University of Toronto Scarborough as part of the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies. He is also an  Executive Editor of Theatre Research in Canada and an Associate Editor of the Canadian Theatre Review. He has two forthcoming books: Staging Strangers: Theatre and Globalization in Toronto and Why Theatre Now: On the Value and Virtue of Canadian Theatre in the New Millennium, which is co-edited with Kathleen Gallagher.

(Ph.D) Toward a Postmodern Ethnography of Intercultural Theatre: an Instrumental Case-study of the Prague-Toronto-Manitoulin Theatre Project. The Graduate Centre for the Study of Drama, University of Toronto. Completed January 2010.


Burcu Yaman Ntelioglou

Burcu Yaman Ntelioglou is a postdoctoral fellow in the Second Language Education Program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Her research focuses on second/additional language education, literacy education, applied drama/theatre, urban schooling, and the use of participatory ethnography and digital technologies in educational research. Her articles have been published in journals like The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Ethnography and Education, and Research in Drama Education. She contributed chapters to Second Language Learning through Drama edited by Joe Winston, Key Concepts in Theatre/Drama Education edited by Shifra Schonmann, Caught in the Middle: Reading and Writing in the Transition Years edited by David Booth and How Drama Activates Learning: Contemporary Research and Practice edited by Michael Anderson & Julie Dunn.

(Ph.D) Drama Pedagogies, Multiliteracies and Embodied Learning: Urban Teachers and Linguistically Diverse Students Make Meaning. Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Completed June 2012.


Dirk Rodricks

Born in India and by way of the United States, Dirk Jonathan Rodricks is a doctoral student in OISE's Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development program and an Ontario Trillium Scholar at the University of Toronto. He holds a BA in Theatre (magna cum laude) as well as a M.Ed. in Higher Education from the University of Vermont (United States) where he was recognized with the 2013 Kenneth P. Saurmann Memorial Award. With over ten years of professional experience in higher education student services, Dirk believes strongly in re-imagining the pedagogical relationship in the urban K-12 classroom as necessary to mitigate the challenge of access and agency for historically marginalized communities. His research interests include drama/theatre education specifically critical pedagogy in the urban school/student context and relations of schooling at the interstices of race, gender, sexuality, and national origin.

(Ph.D) Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Expected completion June 2017.


Rebecca Starkman

Rebecca is a second year doctoral student in Curriculum Studies & Teacher Development.  She comes to OISE via a Master of Arts in Child and Youth Studies at Brock University. Her MA thesis explored contemporary Jewish girls' understandings and experiences of the Jewish American Princess stereotype. Rebecca earned a Bachelor of Arts in Humanistic Studies at McGill University. Rebecca's work is interdisciplinary and she aligns herself with the fields of education and girlhood studies. Her current research examines the intersections of gender, religion, and schooling. She is especially interested in the experiences of female students within the public education system who identify as religious. Rebecca is also passionate about the theory and application of qualitative research methods. Rebecca studies under the supervision of Kathleen Gallagher, as well as participates as a member of Dr. Gallagher’s Research Team.

(Ph.D) Religious students’ educational experiences in the public school. Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Expected completion August 2016.


Anne Wessels

Anne Wessels earned her Ph.D at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Her doctoral research analysed performances of the suburb and the intersection of youth, pedagogy, drama and place. She has published in RiDE (Research in Drama Education, Pedagogy, Culture and Society, Theatre Research in Canada and Youth Theatre Journal, and contributed a chapter to Key Concepts in Theatre/Drama Education edited by Shifra Schonmann. She is a graduate of the Acting Section of the National Theatre School of Canada and has acted professionally in Canada and the United States. She taught secondary school dramatic arts for the Peel District School Board outside of Toronto in a variety of settings.

(Ph.D) Devising a diverse edge city/suburb: youth site-specific theatre performance. Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Completed June 2014.

(M.A.) Interplay and overlay: Devising and intercultural pedagogy. Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Completed June 2009.




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