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Act I Scene I

Transcription: The Middle Place- Trailer 1

Drama Kid hip hop song plays during opening credits

CALLI: This is not my place this is not my home this is not my bed

RICHIE BOY: I feel like this is the place

CALLI: Not my walls

RICHIE BOY: I find this place the most cleanest, most supportive shelter I’ve ever been in.

MIKE: I’m here because there are a lot of black people here.


[Cut to:]

PEEWEE: Are the questions very hard?


[Cut to:]

STAFF 1: Everyone is everywhere. It’s very bizarre. They’re not listening. We’re constantly redirecting them. Today, everybody’s everywhere.


[Cut to:]

MALEKE: I want to do some modeling, and some acting.

BARBARA: I want to go somewhere, in life.

MIKE: I don’t-

MALEKE: I have some friends who’ve been, you know, extras in movies, but I don’t want to be an extra. I want main parts. As long as they don’t make me cut my hair.


[Cut to:]

YOUTH 5: I’m extremely lucky. But a lot of my friends growing up went through divorce, you know, went through the criminal justice system. So I’ve seen that, you know, I’ve seen that it can happen, just like that.

MIKE: See, the black people treat me kinda different. Other people want to label me? Feel like home, you know, like--

YOUTH 5: Thank God, I mean, I was lucky enough to have everything I could have asked for. Umm, but to be honest? It could have happened to anyone.


[Drama Kid song plays through clips]


MIKE: They see that it’s a problem, that it’s somethin’ I’m fightin’ against. I hope that’s what they see. ‘Cause that’s what it is.


[Cut to two girls laughing:]

CALLI: So, what else do you want to talk about?


[Cut to:]

MALEKE: We got cable TV and all that, and plus we’ve got a bed to sleep on, some roof over your head.

CALLI: You know, if you come here, like, especially if you come here during the summer time? It’s more like you feel it’s a summer camp.

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