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Act I Scene I

Transcription: The Middle Place- Trailer 3


MIKE: Lost my job and now I’m screwed, freakin’ court case, these conditions. Every week I gotta sign in at--

CALLI: I don’t want to wake up.

MIKE: --bail program. The 1st and 15th I gotta sign at the cop division and every  fucking 2 weeks I have court dates.

BARBARA: Do I really have someone in my corner?

CALLI: This is not my place. This is not my home. This is not my bed. This is… not my walls.

MIKE: So I’m screwed.

CALLI: It’s like, I come here? I came here with a mission. To come here for like a month. And leave. And find my own place and everyone tells you, you can ask anybody, but after awhile? This side will drain you. Or make you feel like, ok yeah, I’m bustin my ass, I’m tryna do this, I’m tryna do that. But then you see everyone else not doing anything and, like, then everything is coming to them. But then you‘re  working so hard and nothing is come to you and you can just lay back on it. And you lay back on it to the point that you drop everything. You stop going to school, you stop working. You become a big rock.

BARBARA: I wouldn’t say I have family or friends, like, especially ending up in a place like this, you tend to wonder, like, there’s really no one there for you.

CALLI: You see the thing- sometimes, I wake up and I feel so… unfocused. Feel like I’m here and I’m not doing anything. But like, really, yeah, I’m in school, right? I’m registered for nursing and I’m doing nursing. But it’s just like, nursing is so hard and then I have to come back here and it’s not even my home. And I have to come here and do chores and have people telling me stuff that I really don’t want to have to hear. I have to put up with orders and people’s bad hygiene problems and stuff. And I’m like- and I’m willing to work really hard for my education but it’s just, right now? I come to a halt in my life, where this whole shelter thing is wearing me down and tearing me down. And a lot of people who will not come on this little taping thing will tell you the truth. Won’t tell you but the truth is that this place wears you and will tear you down to the dirt if you don’t leave and step up. And don’t come here thinking that it’s gonna be easy, because it’s not. It’s just gonna hit you when you wake up one morning. You’ll say, “FUCK. I’m here.”


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