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Act I Scene I

Teacher Classroom Experience: Kavita Upadhya


KG= Kathleen Gallagher

KU= Kavita Upadhya


KU: I think they have usually taken up issues which are very closely related to their lives. They have not taken any play which has not touched any one angle of their life, be that domestic violence, be that early marriage, be that drunken father, be that exploitative father and a sexual abuse problem. They have tried to touch upon really almost every problem that they face. And you know, I have really found that they have great potential, they have the zeal to do something in life, the desire to come out of their life, but they’ve never had the opportunity neither the resources nor the awareness of what to do. So, you know, while I’m teaching- if you even see my psychology classes, they won’t be as good as these critical ones because reading textbooks is (shakes head). I would love to teach them how that written material feeds into their life. So what the [book] says, they should be able to apply it to themselves, and that is probably what brought us very close. And we are even close friends, we are not just teacher and students. Like they come with their problems, I- I also discuss, like, “today, I had this problem” and “oh, you can’t do this today.” So, they’re very compatible with me, we get along very well, and that is why I think- that is one thing, because we have such strong rapport, we can discuss such serious issues in a very, you know, easy way.

KG: We’ve witnessed that.

KU: And they are able to share almost everything. Even if they feel guilty about anything, they still ask me, “Auntie, I’ve done this. How do I go out?” So they feel very closely communicative.

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