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Upcoming talks:

  • March 2021: Dr. Gallagher will be the keynote speaker at the Special Visual Forum on Community Engaged Research in a Time of Crises, hosted by the Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERi) at Simon Fraser University.
  • TBD 2021: Dr. Gallagher will present the keynote address at the 4th ELTE Workshop for Arts Education, Live the Culture - Play, Arts Education and Science (Budapest, Hungary)

In the News

New Article Alert! Vulnerability, care and hope in audience research

This article considers the theatre as a vital site for the formation of an ‘intergenerational polis’ by looking to how the affective labour performed by the audience of Towards Youth: A play on radical hope, by Andrew Kushnir, created an ‘ethics of care’ between some younger and older audience members, gesturing to the importance of attuning to ‘dissensus’ in audience research.

New Article by Dr. Kathleen Gallagher & Andrew Kushnir in Theatre Research in Canada

Read Dr. Gallagher's new article about the transformation of her 5-year, multi-sited ethnographic research into an original documentary play in collaboration with embedded playwright Andrew Kushnir.

Asia's Most Influential:
Dr. Urvashi Sahni

Congratulations to our collaborator. Dr.Urvashi Sahni, for being named one of Asia’s Most Influential people. Dr. Sahni is a women’s rights activist, CEO and founder of Study Hall Educational Foundation in India, which offers educational programs for vulnerable young people.

Youth, Theatre, Radical Hope & the Ethical Imaginary

Listen to Dr. Kathleen Gallagher's interview with Faculti, an outlet that delivers the latest breakthroughs, research news and academic insight, communicated by the world’s leading figures in short, accessible digital media.

Creativity and the Relational Self

On Oct 2, 2020, the Departments of Psychiatry, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (DCAP), and Family Medicine at Western University invited Dr. Gallagher to speak on youth mental well-being and her work in the arts and theatre. Introduced by Dr. Sandra Fisman with a Q&A moderated by Dr. Joy Abramson.

Finding What's Real in Research and Theatre

Dr. Gallagher explores bringing research to life through the verbatim play Towards Youth: A play on radical hope, in an interview with Dr. Yasmin Kandil and Dr. Barry Freeman.

Excellent news to share!

Our friend Shree Paradkar has won two prizes at the Amnesty International Media awards – for best long story and best short video for her story on Prerna. Delighted that this excellent journalism brings further recognition to Urvashi Sahni and the powerful pedagogy at Prerna Girls' School.

Radical Hope, Care & a Global Youth Citizenry

Dr. Gallagher offered two 'teach out' events at King's College, London, sharing some scenes from Kushnir's Towards Youth: A Play on Radical Hope and discussing connections between her research and wider political contexts by focusing on issues of solidarity, care and hope.

Radical Hope & Youth Citizenry Research Event

Dr. Gallagher discussed her international, multi-sited and collaborative research project (Youth, Theatre, Radical Hope and the Ethical Imaginary: an intercultural investigation of drama pedagogy, performance and civic engagement) with the lead researcher from the Coventry site, Dr. Rachel Turner-King. Chaired by Professor Jonothon Neelands.

New Book Alert!

Global Youth Citizenry and Radical Hope: Enacting Community-Engaged Research through Performative Methodologies (2020) (Eds. Gallagher, K., D. J. Rodricks, & K. Jacobson)

This book is a collective reflection on our SSHRC-funded five year multi-sited international ethnographic study titled Youth, Theatre, Radical Hope and the Ethical Imaginary, from the perspectives of the research team members and international research collaborators.

Working with partners in Taiwan, India, Greece, England, and in Toronto, the study investigated how the drama classroom/workshop can cultivate relationships, dispositions, and values that orient young people towards, and support them in, engaged citizenship. It builds upon a previous SSHRC-funded study that discovered 'hope' and 'care’ as significant philosophical constructs in young people’s engagement with schools by investigating how these concepts relate to the development of young people's broader civic engagement, and how the collaborative nature of drama work can incite intercultural dialogue and civic engagement for youth in global contexts.

Our edited collection explores the affective and relational lives of young people in diverse urban spaces. By following the trajectories of diverse young people as they creatively work through multiple and unfolding global crises, it asks how arts-based methodologies might answer the question: How do we stand in relation to others, those nearby and those at greater distances?

Drawing on knowledges, research traditions, and artistic practices that span the Global North and South, Global Youth Citizenry curates a way of thinking about global research that departs from the comparative model and moves towards a new analytic model of thinking multiple research sites alongside one another as an approach to sustaining dialogue between local contexts and wider global concerns.
Read the book

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher inducted into the Royal Society of Canada! ​

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The Royal Society of Canada recognizes scholars who have made remarkable contributions in the arts, humanities and sciences.

"What if a Radical Hope lives in young people that could change the course of our global fate?"

Dr. Gallagher was one of ten new Fellows selected to share her research in a "Lightning Talk" at the RSC Café.

Kathleen shares the stage with Cindy Blackstock and Cornelia Rémi at the Republic of Childhood Forum in Ottawa

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher joins the CBC's Alain Neal to explore creative ways of teaching young, critical thinkers.

Convocation for the School of Graduate Studies & Rotman (graduate programs)

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher was the convocation speaker at #UofTGrad19 for the School of Graduate Studies & Rotman (graduate programs)

Empowering girls to become the unlikely heroes and resisters of their lives’ journeys

Read about how the Prerna Girl's School founder, and our collaborator, Dr. Urvashi Sahni is empowering girls to transform their lives through drama and critical dialogue.

Dream It, Be It | Stratford Festival

Listen to expert panelists discuss the ways education systems support or suppress the unique brightness of each child. Dr. Gallagher joins the discussion on the challenges facing today's Billy Elliots. ​

Towards Youth is about more than theatre; it’s about seeing the world in a more hopeful way.

By transporting voices from interviews, Andrew Kushnir's Towards Youth allows us to engage with personhood, with humanity

Here and Now Toronto | Towards Youth: A Play on Radical Hope

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher and playwright Andrew Kushnir join host Gill Deacon to discuss the research and play.

Youth find hope for the future through documentary play​

Read about Dr. Gallagher's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)-funded youth-centred #RadicalHope research and the role of drama in allowing us to better hear young people! ​

Research brought to life through verbatim theatre​

Towards Youth is a verbatim theatre play based on the research of Dr. Kathleen Gallagher, written by Andrew Kushnir of Project Humanity. Towards Youth played at Crow's Theatre from February 25th-March 16th, 2019.

Documentary work is most affecting when its message is conveyed through people's interactions, not their proselytizing

Article on the power of playwriting in conveying the voices of youth from Dr. Gallagher's research (by JOSÉ TEODORO)

New Article by Dr. Kathleen Gallagher and Dr. Urvashi Sahni in Gender and Education​

Check out Dr. Gallagher's new article with Indian collaborator Dr. Sahni, Performing care: re-imagining gender, personhood and educational justice.​

CBC Radio: Conversation about gender in the arts ​

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher, playwright Jordi Mand and theatre professor Kim Solga, a drama professor from Western University join moderator Marion Adler to discuss how gender bias is still part of the arts, particularly theatre. ​

Teaching Tomorrow Podcast​

A discussion with Dr. Kathleen Gallagher about the intersection of research, drama, young people, and radical hope. ​

Drama Research Podcast​

Listen to Dr. Peter Duffy’s recent podcast in conversation with Dr. Kathleen Gallagher. In the far-reaching conversation about doing research in drama and applied theatre, they consider questions of collaboration and ethics, among other things. ​

Notable Exchanges

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Notable interviews from the last several years can be found here.

In Conversation with Dr. John Mighton

Dr. Gallagher interviews playwright, mathematician, author and JUMP Math founder, John Mighton before an audience at Hart House Theatre (Fall, 2013).

Sequencing and Narrative Wholeness through Theatre

Dr. Gallagher interviews playwright, novelist, actor, and journalist, Ann-Marie MacDonald (Spring 2013).

Dr. Gallagher's Induction into the Royal Society of Canada