Towards Youth: Youth Civic Engagement and Theatre

What happens when researchers and community partners collaborate to platform stories, voices, and issues that matter?

I felt challenged in a really great way, and the idea of receiving and attending, listening, hearing.

Audience member - Towards Youth
Actors rehearsing Towards Youth

As Project:Humanity (PH) takes significant steps in their development, research demonstrating the social impacts of their work is crucial. The world premiere of Towards Youth presented an opportunity to explore the way audience members are affected by forms of theatre that enable us to 'visit' the stories and experiences of others. does leave me with hope, but I think it will take a lot...

Audience member - Towards Youth

Through a combination of school-based drama workshops facilitated by PH, and live interviews with students and audience members, this research considers how youth view drama workshops as capacity-building, what they might learn about global relationships through the stories of distant 'others', and what this means for their own sense of civic engagement.

Zorana Sadiq performing in Towards Youth