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Towards Youth: A Play on Radical Hope was covered by a variety of media outlets. Explore the interviews and media articles to learn more.


Image of girls at Prerna

Empowering girls to become the unlikely heroes and resisters of their lives’ journeys

Read about how the Prerna Girl's School founder, and our collaborator, Dr. Urvashi Sahni is empowering girls to transform their lives through drama and critical dialogue (The Toronto Star).

Youth find hope for the future through documentary play​

Read about Dr. Gallagher's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)-funded youth-centred #RadicalHope research and the role of drama in allowing us to better hear young people! ​
Image of youth in Greece showing solidarity by raising their fists

Towards Youth: A Play On Radical Hope is ambitious, sprawling and has lots of heart

Article on the power of playwriting in conveying the voices of youth from Dr. Gallagher's research (NOW Toronto).
Andrew Kushnir with researchers and participants in Taiwan

Review: Towards Youth, a play and a research project, explores drama classes around the world

Towards Youth: A Play on Radical Hope, a new play on at Crow’s Theatre, is a curious hybrid of the academic and the artistic (The Globe & Mail).
Actors rehearsing Towards Youth

Towards Youth connects drama class and drama of real world

Review of Towards Youth: A Play on Radical Hope (The Toronto Star).

Towards Youth: A Play on Radical Hope in high school drama classrooms around the world

Is there hope to be found in the drama classroom? Dr. Kathleen Gallagher’s ground-breaking project is the core of the incredibly insightful play, Towards Youth: A Play On Radical Hope (Toronto Guardian).
Image of Director Andrew Kushnir in front of a photo collage from research sites around the world

Towards Youth is about more than theatre

Andrew Kushnir’s Towards Youth is about more than theatre; it’s about seeing the world in a more hopeful way (The Toronto Star).


Head shot of Gill Deacon for the CBC radio show Here and Now

Here and Now Toronto | Towards Youth: A Play on Radical Hope

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher and playwright Andrew Kushnir join host Gill Deacon to discuss the research and play.
Teaching tomorrow podcast logo

Teaching Tomorrow Podcast​

A discussion with Dr. Kathleen Gallagher about the intersection of research, drama, young people, and radical hope. ​
Image of Dr. Kathleen Gallagher, Amaka Umeh and Marc Wigmore in front of a white wall with the Classical FM logo, for the radio show The Oasis

Interview: Actor Amaka Umeh and Dr. Kathleen Gallagher

Dr. Kathleen Gallagher and ensemble performer Amaka Umeh stopped by to chat with Marc Wigmore on The Oasis.