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Education Commons at OISE

Accessing the OISE Building

Individuals who have an occasional need to enter the OISE building (252 Bloor West) must use the online Building Access Booking Form to book a time to come into the building.


Important Information for Homespace Users.

The Homespace system is now read-only. You can access your files there, but you cannot alter them, or upload more. Please see our information explaining how to move your data from HomeSpace to its replacement, OneDrive

Live and Virtual Education Commons

The Education Commons is here to support you live during this time of change:



Phishing Alert: OISE Community Targeted

March 16, 2020

Recently, some OISE faculty and staff have been receiving fake emails made to look as if they come from co-workers, in this case, the Dean. Whether or not these emails contain attachments or links, they are dangerous: someone is trying to learn about relationships among people at OISE, and later exploit that knowledge, possibly to trick people into installing malicious software.

There are a several steps that should be taken when this kind of phishing occurs.

We hope this information allows you to stay safe and free of malware.


FREE NVIVO 12 Plus for Faculty, Students and Staff 

NVIVO12 Plus is a qualitative research data analysis software used to manage and analyze text, audio, video emails, images, spreadsheets, online surveys, web content and social media. It is now being offered by University of Toronto Libraries at no cost.   

How to get it for free?

1. Eligibility

Available to current UofT staff, faculty and students. Can be downloaded in your work or personal machines.

2. System Requirements

PC: Windows 7 and up, approximately 5gb hard drive space, at least 2gb of ram

MAC: OSX 10.11 and up, approximately 3gb hard drive space, at least 4gb of ram

For full details, please click here: NVIVO system requirements

MacOS X Catalina is not compatible with certain applications that are widely used at OISE, including Nvivo, Acrobat Pro 11, and other (particularly older 32-bit) software.

We therefore recommend against upgrading to MacOS X Catalina at this time. For more info you can visit our MacOS X Catalina upgrade notice.

How to check system requirements on your device?

PC: Click the “Windows” button and the “Pause/Break” button simultaneously to open the technical specs of your computer.

windows and break key to find tech specs of pc

Mac: Click the Apple logo and select about this mac.

find tech specs on a mac

3. Request for license: 

Fill out the form at this link with your full name, University of Toronto email address and Library bar code: https://mdl.library.utoronto.ca/technology/nvivo-software

4. What will happen after? 

You will receive an email containing information on how to download the software and your unique license key within 24 hours.  

5. Having issues installing?   

Staff and Faculty with OISE device (will have an OISE asset tag):  

oise asset tag

Education Commons can remotely install the application on your machine. Please call EC Helpdesk at 416-978-1802 or email oise.help@utoronto.ca with your asset tag and make sure your device is connected online.  

Staff, Faculty, Students with personal machines (it will not have an OISE asset tag): An installer package can be shared via OneDrive. Please call EC Helpdesk at 416-978-1802 or email oise.help@utoronto.ca for assistance.  

6. Workshops and trainings:   

University of Toronto Libraries is holding a Nvivo 12 Workshop for Windows on November 19th. If interested, please register in here: https://libcal.library.utoronto.ca/event/3513908?hs=a


Important Note About MacOS X Catalina

As some of you may know, MacOS Catalina has been released. This new version of MacOS brings with it a number of Music, TV show, and Social Media enhancements, and we recognize that some users may be eager to download and use with this new edition of MacOS.

MacOS X Catalina is not directly compatible with certain applications that are widely used at OISE, including Nvivo 12, SPSS 25, Acrobat Pro 11, and other (particularly older 32-bit) software. There are work-arounds, but we would wait for application updates directly from the developers.  

We therefore recommend against upgrading to MacOS X Catalina at this time.

The only reliable solution to rolling back this upgrade is to reimage devices with Catalina installed. This means erasing applications, documents, and data, reinstalling applications, and then copying data back to the device. This means several days without a given device and lost productivity. We will periodically review the situation regarding Catalina and the available applications and will follow-up with an update to our policy and advice as the situation changes.

Halting the Installation of MacOS X Catalina If the option to update macOS to Catalina was previously selected, the Install macOS Catalina application will open and let you know that it’s ready to install. This brief guide will describe how to halt the installation.


Install macOS Catalina application may popup if you’ve previously selected the option to install the Catalina Upgrade. It will look like the image to the right. install macos catalina

Quit the Installer


  • Select the Install macOS Catalina application menu
  • Select Quit Install macOS

This will close the Install macOS Application and halt the update process.

Quit MacOS Catalina Install

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Education Commons at 416-978-1802 or email oise.help@utoronto.ca