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Education Commons at OISE

Research Infrastructure


OISE has established a network of labs to support breakthrough research in technology-based knowledge building and education. CFI-funded initiatives have allowed us to develop the Mobilizing Educational Knowledge Conference Room as well as the Knowledge Innovation and Technology Lab (KITL).

These spaces offer OISE researchers the opportunity to collaborate with a global network of scholars and practitioners in knowledge building to test and implement technology solutions that will improve the educational experience for students.


  MEK conference room

Mobilizing Educational Knowledge (MEK) Lab


OISE maintains a suite of research infrastructure developments supported by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, including the Mobilizing Educational Knowledge (MEK) conference room.
Located in the Dean's Office, room 12-105, it can be booked by contacting 978-1110.








  Students sitting in the KITL

Knowledge Innovation & Technology Lab

Located on the 3rd floor of the OISE building, this state-of-the-art collaborative research environment offers seamlessly integrated audio, lighting, projection and workspace options, allowing users to explore new combinations of interactive technologies to meet their research goals. Colleagues in remote locations may contribute to digitized flip chart notes, multi-point video-conference content may be archived and indexed for web distribution, or multiple video sources may be viewed simultaneously in a “surround” environment. 

Book the KITL






EC server room


Education Commons Server Room

All our central infrastructure components are highly resilient and built to last, whereas cheaper, consumer-grade components offer only a small fraction of these benefits.

Did you know...? that anything stored on any of our servers for more than 24 hours gets automatically archived (backed up) for at least 6 weeks in two geographically separate locations?
We use state-of-the art server virtualization technology, which allows us to run up to 30 virtual servers on one physical server. This allows us to be more green, cost-effective, and increase our infrastructure resiliency all at once!
If one of our physical servers should fail, another five are there to take its place!