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Teaching Support at OISE Blog (Archived)

Giving Feedback to Students   from feedback

How much time do you spend thinking of articulate, insightful feedback to give your students on their assignments? Do you ever wonder if they even read the comments or simply take a quick glance at the grade and then toss the paper into the recycling? An excellent article on the teaching tomtom details some new […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/12/05/giving-feedback-to-students/
Classroom management…   from Student/Teacher Interactions

As someone who likes to be involved directly in my learning environment, I want to consider “managing” a classroom kind of like running a restaurant, in which there are many functions. Rather than managing individual behaviours directly, in my teaching I manage the space in which certain things are supposed to happen, providing common ground […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/11/09/classroom-management/
Students on meds   from sensitive issues

“Psychiatric medicine in the classroom. Discuss.” Many people say they improve their mood and attention using psych meds. However, mood and behaviour drugs can hinder rather than support the work of learning, especially over the long term, as evidenced in studies and books critiqued in The Chronicle of Higher Education today. We may assume psychiatric drug treatment […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/09/19/students-on-meds/
Disabilities   from Student/Teacher Interactions

We all think about disability sometime in our lives, whether it affects our friends, family, or ourselves. Often disability is simply considered a problem or lack in an individual. We may even try to ignore disability, expecting the person to be ‘just like’ able-bodied people by ignoring a disability. These attitudes reveal able-bodied difficulties with recognizing, comprehending, and working with […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/09/14/disabilities/
Is Mentoring Part of Your Job?   from mentoring

The academic life is often neatly broken down into segments and percentages; a half-time teaching position there, a percentage dictated for departmental service, time and money allotted for a specific research project. But we all know that when these neat models are applied to reality, they don’t really seem to fit or reflect what actually […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/08/29/is-mentoring-part-of-your-job/
Online Teaching at OISE   from Wikis

The new school year is fast approaching and the departments at OISE are gearing up for a big year of programs. OTSO has close ties to Education Commons/Library here at OISE and they have some great offerings based around online teaching for faculty and TAs!  Some great offerings including some on (what might be to […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/08/29/online-teaching-at-oise/
The Value of Not Knowing   from questions

You traversed your Master’s degree, floundered and beat your way through the doctorate, and knocked on every door for a job when it was all done – all to prove that you know certain things. This is what qualified you to teach in higher education. Yet, maybe the best strategy in the classroom is to […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/08/24/the-value-of-not-knowing/
Ethics of Teaching: Student Development   from student interaction

This post is the fourth in a series built around STLHE’s “Ethical Principles in University Teaching”, which is one of the few documents that outlines some of the issues around the ethics of teaching. Often in large research institutions, such as the University of Toronto or OISE, more attention is paid to research ethics with […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/08/19/ethics-of-teaching-student-development/
Teaching & Research: A Complimentary Pairing   from research

A recent article in The Chronicle of Higher Education highlights what we here at OTSO have been saying all along – teaching is an important part of being an academic, a scholar and a member of the higher education community. A recent study in the Science journal argues that grad students who both teach and […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/08/19/teaching-research-a-complimentary-pairing/
Higher Education and Cultural Difference   from multicultural learning

With the rise of ‘global’ migration, employment, and education, many instructors are learning to teach students from all over the world. Though language is often considered foremost in teaching and learning, language is situated in culture and broader socio-political issues.  The needs of educators who wish to be fair and accessible to all their students has received a lot of attention from […]

More info: https://wordpress.oise.utoronto.ca/otso/2011/08/16/higher-education-and-cultural-difference/