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Education Commons at OISE

SMART board

Interactive White Board (IWB)

OISE has SMARTboards available in various locations in the building, as well as a portable unit that can be signed out for lessons and presentations.


There are no scheduled workshops.  We are happy to provide personalized workshop training upon request.

Please contact us through the Client Care Portal - portal@oise.utoronto.ca


Smartboard workshops

Smartboard demoSmartboards are interactive digital white boards that can be used in conjunction with any computer program.  To understand the Smartboard, it is best to actually get your hands on one to get a feel for what it can do. 

The Education Commons offers workshops for students and faculty to try out the Smartboard and see what it can do.

Please contact the Client Care Portal (CCP) to arrange a workshop for your class or small group.


In a sample workshop we will offer a quick explanation of how the Smartboard works and some of the primary features of the Smart Notebook software. 

Some time can be spent letting participants use the Smartboard and try it out with your own material.

Please fee free to bring along any digital resources that you would like to try with the Smartboard - ie) powerpoint presentations, links to websites with interactive content, etc.