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Education Commons at OISE

Institutional Projects Portfolio



Description: It is a discussion tool or online Forum and differs from other tools in that it is designed with online teaching and learning in mind. Certain pedagogical principles and practices approved in OISE have been incorporated into the design and functionality.
Status: Under development


Description: It is a website under the aegis of the OISE website. It is aimed at multiple clients wanting an OISE URL and identifying as part of the OISE community and branding within their websites. It allows clients to build their own content accurately online without prior knowledge of programming.
Status: Live

OISE Faculty Profile System

Description: This service is for Faculty to maintain their profiles through an online web application. Either they themselves or an authorized representative can fill in the details. This application will help Faculty keep their profiles up-to-date with their research interests. These profiles can be used to publicize their accomplishments.
Status: Live

Registration System (New)

Description: Clients are able to use this system to create and administer workshops. The system provides services for applicants to register online for workshops and process payments. The system keeps records of attendance, and generates statistical data.
Status: Live soon

ePayment (New)

Description: It is a stand-alone financial payment system which allows payments and transactions to be processed generically through any calling-service.
Status: Live soon

OISE News & Events

Description: This system is a web calendaring system for Events and News. The output of these items can be displayed on the Lobby Sign, and/or on the web in Calendar view, and/or list view. The system is designed to allow a calendar for any Role in the Role System.
Status: Live

EC Portal

Description: The EC Portal presents logged-in users customized information relevant to their relationship with OISE and the EC in particular. Initial services are links or forms directing the user to SDG web applications, T-Space, Faculty Profile, and an EC Service Request portal.
Status: Under development

Graduate Admissions

Description: This web application, which is built upon the BEd Profile application code base, provides web access to graduate applications to the OISE's graduate programs. Electronic application files are downloaded from SGS by the RO along with the ROSI record of application. The RO inputs an assessment of the Academic History of the applicant, and manages the release of the applications to the programs. Each program has a designated application Assigner - typically the Program Liaison, who is responsible for assigning Readers of the applications.
Readers read the information collected so far (SGS application and files, RO assessment), and optionally record notes. Decisions are made outside the system, and are then recorded by designated Application Recommenders.
The Assigner then prints out Recommendations, which are signed, and sent to the RO for transmission to SGS.
Status: Live

B.Ed Profile

Description: The purpose of the service is to ask a bunch of questions of B.Ed one-year program applicants and collect the supplementary application form. It is collected of every person who applies to the B.Ed program. There is a group of Readers who read the answers in the supplementary forms and decide the quality of applications based on the answers. There are formulas for how they get the results. Readers are randomly assigned profiles to read on-demand. Profiles are currently read by two different Readers. Results are combined in a specific way. It may cause a third Read to happen. There are various reasons as to why they get to read some profiles again. It may be read by a third person to break the tie in ranking; but most profiles are read only twice. Results of that process go into the Registrar’s office where they combine the grades and whatever other information they collected from the applicants and turn them to the Committee in the Dean’s office to determine the admission criteria based on the combined data.
Status: Live

CTEP Profiles

Description: CTEP profiles and admissions are similar to B.Ed profiles. It is a collection of supplementary application information which is shown to Readers who give it a grade and these profile scores from the Readers and the rest of the applicants’ responses go to the Registrar’s office where they process the combined data and then pass them on to the Committee in the Dean’s office to determine admission criteria.
Status: Live

B.Ed Cohort Selection

Description: This program provides 3 different services to 3 different client groups in OISE. Program Director and Program Administrators are informed about the applicant's preference and the reasons for selecting a particular cohort. The Registrar’s Office receives information about the Related Study course preferences. SUPO receives candidates' information forms, which give information about incoming students and the constraints they have in practicum placements.
Status: Live

Graduate Student Supervision

Description: All graduate departments use this to track students’ progression through their programs, including requirements that students have to complete. Also provides each department, a way of looking at students’ transcription history that they completed at OISE.
Status: Live

Triple Database

Description: Triple database is a learning object repository/repertory system that supports multi-meta data standard and supports APA output on search.
Development stage: In use.
Status: Live 

Student Services Bursary System

Description: Student information is updated each year. The developer creates an archive database for students’ bursary activities and repopulates the new database with new information so that Student Services staff get to start work with the brand new information. There is no automated system in place and this updating is done manually each year.  Student Services staff are also supported with new bursary calculations if there are any OSAP or policy changes.
Status: Live


Survey Wizard

Description: This is an online survey tool provided for the OISE community. It allows the users to build an online survey and download the results.
Status: Live