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Education Commons at OISE

Research Projects Portfolio

Education Commons-Enabled Research Solutions

EC-enabled written in a thought bubbleThis is a showcase of ongoing and newly-funded research as of 2010-2011, enabled by the Education Commons' support of projects and spaces. 

Watch our Presentation on EC projects and spaces. Click on More > Full Screen > More > Autoplay to view.



Live Sites 



   Volunteers Count website screen capture

Volunteers Count

Jack Quarter
Co-Director, Social Economy Centre

Volunteers Count is a program that helps an organization track its volunteer contributions and estimate their value. It then generates reports that can be used internally by the organization to understand aspects of volunteer management, or externally to report to funders, donors and members, as the organization sees fit.

Status: Live




  Confluence website screen capture


Jim Slotta
Canada Research Chair in Education and Technology

An enterprise wiki designed to make it easy for you and your team to share information with each other and with the world.
Infrastructure provided by the Education Commons (see EC Server Room).

Status: Live




Piloting or In Development



Language as Resource website screen capture

Language as Resource

Jim Cummins
Canada Research Chair in Language Learning and Literacy Development in Multilingual Contexts

A portal for print and video resources, project descriptions, and relevant links related to mobilizing multilingual students’ language skills and talents as personal and cognitive tools. The site will integrate resources from several existing sites, such as ESL Infusion, within a single design. A content management system has been developed by the Education Commons that enables team members to maintain and update this dynamic website as necessary.

Status: In development


  Urban School Performances screen capture

Urban School Performances

Kathleen Gallagher
Canada Research Chair in Theatre, Youth and Research in Urban Schools

Urban School Performances is an international research project that examines how the relationships among culture, identity, multicultural/equity policies, and student engagement have an impact on the lives of youth in schools and communities traditionally labeled ‘disadvantaged’ in the cities of Toronto, (Canada), Kaoshiung (Taiwan), Lucknow (India), and New York City (USA).

Status: Currently in development


  myOISE website screen capture

EC Online Portal

Charles Chen
Canada Research Chair in Life Career Development

A single starting point for e-services available to the OISE Community (faculty, staff and students).

UTORid sign-on provides access to a range of EC web services and tools, research tools, academic and administrative services, such as Faculty Profiles, Connect 2 Create (C2C), OISEcms, Event calendars, Homespace, T-Space and Research Projects.

Status: Currently piloting in CTL