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Video Mediated Communication FAQs

Video conferencing vs Webcasting

What is the difference between a video conference and a webcast?

A video conference is a 2-way communication between 2 or more sites.

  • All sites can see and be seen by all other sites.
  • All sites can hear and be heard by other sites.

Video conferencing at OISE utilizes IP based Polycom Video Conferencing systems to connect to other H.323 Video Conferencing systems.

Webcasting is a term used to describe any number of technologies that 'broadcast' one, some or all of a group of connected sites via Internet. An easy analogy is "Internet TV", as in most cases, the broadcast is one way, meaning remote participants can see and hear the webcast, but have a limited set of options (i.e. chat window) for participating in the event. In some cases, they have no means at all.