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Education Commons at OISE

Technology-Enhanced Meeting

Knowledge Innovation and Technology Lab (KITL)

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What is this?

Location:3rd floor, OISE building, 252 Bloor St. W.
Room capacity: Maximum 30 people.

This state-of-the-art collaborative research environment offers integrated audio, lighting, projection and workspace options, allowing users to explore new combinations of interactive technologies to meet their research goals.

  • Colleagues in remote locations may contribute to digitized flip chart notes
  • Multi-point video-conference content may be archived and indexed for web distribution
  • Multiple video sources may be viewed simultaneously in a “surround” environment.

Book the KITL if you intend to use one or more of the following to enhance your meeting:

  • Multiple projection
  • Polyvision THUNDER Virtual Flip Chart System
  • Additional technology required for your meeting
  • Distance collaboration tools


Who do we support?

  • OISE faculty & Staff
  • OISE students who are part of faculty supported initiatives


How do I request this?

Book the room: Check Schedule | Book

Rescheduling: With advance notice rescheduling of your event may be requested in order to accommodate the widest range of users of the facility. No scheduling changes will be requested later than one month prior to the booked event.

Cancellation Policy: To encourage the efficient use of resources, all users are asked to email Scott Hollows with at least 72 hours' notice when they will not be using the labs as scheduled.

Note: The KITL space and resources are intended for use for research activites that utilize the collaborative technologies in the lab.

Priorities in booking the labs are established as follows: 

1. Research Activites involving remote sites and using KITL technologies
2. Research Activities using KITL technologies
3. Demonstrations for courses or academic purposes
4. Other OISE/UT events
5. UT events
6. Non-UT events
7. Drop-in

 Please allow at least (3) business days’ notice for bookings occurring during regular working hours (Monday - Friday, 9 am – 5 pm).
Please allow at least (5) business days’ notice to schedule consultations.
Please allow (2) weeks’ notice for bookings that occur outside of regular business hours, including weekends.

You may be contacted by an EC staff member for further details. Please reply with requested details as soon as possible so that we can assist you quickly and efficiently.


When is it available?

Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

Events scheduled outside of normal business hours depend on staff availability.


What is the cost?

A fee for service may be necessary for events scheduled outside of normal business hours, depending on staff availability.


How do I get support?

We invite you to contact us for an orientation to the facility and discussion of how the collaborative tools available may be able to meet your needs.

  • For technical information, please contact Scott Hollows, Video Conferencing Solutions.
  • For general information regarding Faculty use of the KITL for research initiatives please contact Laurie Harrison, Director of Academic Technology.

  • Please use the booking form above to book the facility.



Collaborative Tools in the KITL

Polycom VSX 7000e Video Conferencing Unit

Polycom Video Conferencing Systems® represent the current industry standard in point-to-point video conferencing. We are able to connect up to three other sites using the built in multipoint capabilities. As well, we have a third bridge to conference with a larger number of sites.

System Features: This system has the advantage of full collaboration with remote sites. It can be used when interactive requirements go beyond webcasting or one-way transmission models.

More information can be found at the Polycom Web Site.

Adobe Connect

Connect is a web-based system designed to capture video, voice and content signals. Multiple remote sites may participate with video, voice and content, making Connect® allowing collaboration beyond traditional one-way webcasts.

System Features: The system’s versatility allows for multiple layouts specifically suited for different events. Some configurations dedicate more window space to the shared computer content, while others allow for an increased number of participant cameras.

Participants can ‘chat’ during the event by posting instant messages to a window on the site. These messages are synchronized with the video, voice and content signals when the archive file is accessed after the event. They are also ‘searchable’ providing instant links to different points in the meeting. This means that the chat feature can be used as a means to create “chapter marks” during the event.

More information and a product demo can be found at the Adobe site.

Accordent Capture Station

Like the majority of the systems within the KITL, the Accordent® Capture Station can capture and webcast video, voice, and content (i.e. PowerPoint or other computer based data).

System Features: The advantage of this system is that the Accordent Capture Station’s archive files are available instantly upon completion of the event. It is also a mobile unit that can be rolled out to other locations within the building for larger events.

More information and a product demo can be found at the Accordant Web Site.

Polyvision Thunder

The Polyvision Thunder System® is a collaborative tool designed for local and distance use. Users can capture their group’s work at the Thunder touch screen Easel, and preserve each ‘page’ of work on a series of projectors around the room, in a virtual ‘flipchart’ system. All Thunder content can be resized, copied, deleted in the same way you would on any computer paint program. Additional resources can be imported via scanner or laptop.

System Features: Thunder is unique in providing a collaborative tool the uses the "flip chart model" to which many users are accustomed. Using the free client software, the Thunder Easel can be accessed via the internet from anywhere in the world. This feature makes the Thunder System a valuable tool for use with any of the aforementioned conferencing or other webcasting tools available in the KITL.

More information, the free client software and a product demo can be found at the Polycom Web Site.


KITL Use Policy

The primary use of the KITL facility is for research activities supporting technology-based knowledge building and education.

Researchers using the KITL facility should consult on the nature of the collaboration, choice of technologies to be used and technical support required prior to the event. For more complex collaborative meetings, a minimum of two weeks lead time is appreciated. To book a time for a demonstration of the facility and consultation on use, please contact the Facility Manager.

If remote sites will be participating, contact information for technical support at other locations is required in advance of the event. As well, testing of connectivity is recommended prior to any critical meeting.