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SMART™ Interactive White Board

What is this?

The SMART™ website describes the technology as a "touch-sensitive display that connects to your computer and digital projector to show your computer image. You can then control computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later."

Formerly used in corporate settings, this technology has recently been adopted by a number of school boards and is found in an increasing number of K-12 classrooms.

Technical Requirements: A data projector will be needed to project from the instructor's workstation or laptop onto the board. Ceiling mounted projectors cannot be used for this purpose. A configuration utility must be run to align the projector and board.


Who do we support?

OISE faculty, staff and students


How can I request this service?

  • A SMART™ Board is available for use in any of the EC Computer Labs. Be sure to book both the computer lab first, then the SMART Board.
  1. Computer Lab Booking Request Form - reserve the computer lab you require.
  2. Circulating Equipment Request Form - reserve the SMART™ Board and data projector


  • A second SMART™ Board is located on the 11th Floor. To arrange for use of this board, please contact Ron Lancaster.


SMART™ provides the software required for use with their products free of charge. It can be downloaded from the SMART Technologies website for installation on your laptop or desktop system.


How do I get support with this service?

  • A short training session on set up and configuration of the SMART™ Board and software is required. Technical support is limited as exploration of this technology is currently in the pilot stage. Faculty using the SMART™ equipment, are asked to recognize the risks as well as the benefits.
    Contact the Client Care Portal to book a training session at oise.help@utoronto.ca
  • For more information on the SMART™ Pilot contact a member of the SMART™ Board Working Group which is coordinated by Ron Lancaster, Judith Burt and Leslie Stewart Rose.

RCAT Central Scanning Service for Scoring Multiple-Choice Tests

The Resource Centre for Academic Technology (RCAT) offers a central test scanning service for scoring multiple-choice tests. Use of the scanner is free of charge. RCAT will provide a standard test form at cost. Visit the RCAT web site for more details:
RCAT Central Scanning Service for Scoring Multiple-Choice Tests


Clickers: Classroom Response Systems

"Clickers" or Classroom Response Systems, are a type of polling system seen on some game shows like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” In an academic context, they have been used very successfully to engage students in large classes.

Typically there are three steps to using this technology in the classroom:

  1. A multiple-choice question is posed to the class, perhaps via an overhead projector, PowerPoint, or similar presentation method.
  2. The students “vote” on the correct answer using their clickers.
  3. After the voting is over, a histogram showing the number of students who chose each answer is shown to the class.

At that point, the instructor can break the class into groups for discussion or simply go back to explain the material if he or she sees that the students are having a difficult time understanding the concept.

Instructor software and hardware is available from RCAT on the St George campus.