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Education Commons at OISE

Client Care Portal (CCP)


clock  Please click here for our help desk/Client Care Portal operating hours.

  • Call: 416-978-1802
  • E-mail: oise.help@.utoronto.ca
  • In Person Help Desk: Rm. 3-320 (3rd fl. computer labs), OISE building, 252 Bloor St. W.


What is this?

Help provided by technical staff who will either handle your question or forward it to the correct staff member. Tickets are generated and tracked to ensure your questions are answered. 

What is Supported?

If it is a simple hardware, software or connection issue, the technician may answer or reply immediately. If the problem is more involved, the issue may be forwarded to someone more specialized in the area in question. When in doubt, the CCP is the central hub for technical support both on-campus and online.

Common Issues:
Computer Hardware, Operating System and Browser Settings, Software, Login Problems, Connections to OISE and UofT, Online Teaching & Learning Environments (e.g., Quercus), Library Databases, Server Corruptions, UTORID access, Virus issues, upgrades and downloads.

What is NOT Supported?

The CCP does not deal with registration issues or any online official student systems/forms or software and hardware issues that are not supported institutionally.

Who do we support?

OISE faculty, staff & students.

University of Toronto clients: Support is available via email only, at oise.help@utoronto.ca


 How do I get support?

OISE faculty, staff & students: Use any of the four available methods below.

University of Toronto clients: Support is available via email only.


1. Call: 416-978-1802

2. Help Desk: Rm. 3-320 (3rd fl. computer labs), OISE building, 252 Bloor St. W.


3. E-mail: oise.help@utoronto.ca

4. Online Ticket System: Faster and More Effective New Tracking System (Requires Login)

How can I request this?

In order to facilitate your response, it is important that you be prepared to answer basic questions about your computer (i.e., is it a Mac or a PC) and the specific events of the error or problem. Without a complete and accurate description of the problem, the technician can do little to help. 

  1. Describe the problem in detail.
  2. What platform are you using? Mac OS X? Windows XP? Linux?
  3. Type of Internet Service? Dial-up? High Speed?  Wireless?
  4. Type of Browser? Safari? Firefox? Internet Explorer? and version.
  5. If it is an online course - the course URL. If it is a specific note or message, provide note numbers and dates when problems occurred.
  6. Your contact information - Is it your cell, home, or work phone number? Ensure your e-mail and any other contact information is CORRECT.

Report problems as accurately and promptly as possible. Remember to check our hours of operation.

We need YOUR HELP to Troubleshoot the Problem:

  1. Ensure you have read any necessary documentation where applicable, i.e. manuals, quick notes, or online resources.
  2. Web help pages on this site. Google Searches on any problem can also help for more seasoned users.
  3. Ensure you have used the troubleshooting guides listed within the Toolbox, such as connecting online, downtime procedures and/or login checklists to help eliminate and troubleshoot your problem. These have been created because they are the MOST COMMON solutions. The EC also has a Self Help section.
  4. Note the recommended technologies (soft skills or hardware) for typical online use. Older systems can also be problematic. 
  5. Institutional Support Lines as described on this page.
  6. If you are in a course:
    1. Ask your instructor. They are your first line of support and can also help guide you to the correct location
    2. Ask your peers within your class. Since most courses at OISE are about building community, it is highly encouraged that peers help each other. Most online environments here at OISE have a place (conference, forum or view) to post technical questions.

When is it available?

For hours and location, please see our Computer Labs page.


What is the cost?

There is no cost for most services.