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Education Commons at OISE

Print, Copy & Scan


Faculty & Staff | Students | Visitors


Faculty & Staff 

What is this?

The Education Commons provides some support related to printing, copying and scanning devices:


  • Shared network printers acquired through central (RAR) funding
  • Locally connected in-office printers, purchased via grant funding or through the assistance of the EC receive limited support
  • Leased printers and multifunction devices receive limited support. Hardware and software problems will be directly supported by the lessor or manufacturer

Not supported

Printers purchased or installed without pre-authorization by the EC are not supported. Unauthorized printers may interfere with normal network activity and are subject to removal from the OISE and UofT networks.


 Who do we support?

  • OISE faculty & staff are expected to be able to print to a networked laser printer.*

*Note: The Education Commons tries to provide a primary and a secondary printer connection  for every OISE computer deployed.


How do I request this?

Contact the Education Commons


 What is the cost for this service?

Supported network printers - no fee

Note: Some departments have policies in place for print accounting and cost recovery. The business officer in your department can assist you with information specific to your department.

Departments are responsible for the purchase of all consumables, including paper, toner, and maintenance kits.

The Education Commons will make arrangements for warranty repairs or provide a 3rd party technician to repair OISE-owned network printers that cannot be locally repaired by our in-house technicians.


 How do I get support?

Most printing problems result from the temporary loss of network connectivity and can be quickly corrected by power cycling the equipment (turning the printer and computer off and on again).

For more information and questions: Contact the Education Commons



On Campus Computing & Printing Services

Location Printing Scanning Photocopying Computing Cash to T-Card
Computer Labs 3rd floor          


3rd floor          
2nd floor          
ground floor          
concourse level          

Printing is available in the Computer labs, but you must have a TCard with sufficient value stored on it. A card reader attached to the print release station will debit the print job cost from your TCard at the time of printing. Transparency films may not be used in the printers. We cannot provide refunds for printing credits.
Printing costs per page:

Black & white printing $  0.15
Colour printing $  1.00



  • Library visitors may get a temporary printing card at the Reference Desk in the OISE Library, 1st floor.
  • Visiting faculty will receive assistance to connect to one network printer at OISE. For assistance, ask your OISE department Business Officer to contact Education Commons.
  • Printing privileges may be arranged for guests of OISE faculty and staff. Please ask your OISE host to contact Education Commons for further assistance.