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SharePoint: Easy File Sharing for Departments and Other Groups


Important: Homespace is Being Retired

OISE's current file-storage and file-sharing system, Homespace, is soon to be phased out, in favour of the more robust and up-to-date solutions offered in Office 365.

For file sharing within groups (departments, research projects, etc.), we will mainly use Microsoft SharePoint. Along with the information below, please consider investigating Education Commons' virtual sessions about SharePoint.

SharePoint Online

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SharePoint Online is a new cloud-based service, part of the Office 365 suite operated and managed by EASI, part of U of T's Information Technology Services (ITS). 

Sharepoint is available to staff and faculty who are using Office 365.

Departments or units may request, through Education Commons, the creation of a SharePoint site where faculty, staff, and/or students can collaborate online.

Designated staff members will act as SharePoint site "owners," designing and managing their site to best serve the needs of the faculty, staff, and students who will use them.

Access to the files in the site, and varying levels of permission to use those files, will be distributed and managed by the site owners.

Use the following link to book a SharePoint consultation with an Education Commons expert. Hint: in the Bookings page that opens, select Sharepoint Consultation, then the date you would like, then, if applicable, the Ed. Commons expert you would like to meet with, and finally, the time slot you would like. Then provide your details and click Book.

How To Request the SharePoint Service

If you want a SharePoint site, send an email request to oise.help@utoronto.ca.

Please explain the purpose of the site, e.g., a research project, data storage for a group, departmental use, etc. Also let us know which individual(s) will be the owner(s).

Education Commons will support the site owner(s) through the seven steps of this process.

  1. Requesting the site at oise.help@utoronto.ca.
  2. Conducting needs assessment with EC experts.
  3. Determining the projects's scope and developing the Sharepoint site.
  4. Building the information infrastructure of the site.
  5. Training the users of the site.
  6. Migrating or uploading data into the site.
  7. Ongoing support.

Further Information

View a checkilist related to the process of preparing to launch your SharePoint site.

View EASI's SharePoint information pages (but remember that members of the OISE community can address their SharePoint inquiries to Education Commons at oise.help@utoronto.ca).

Check out one of Education Commons' virtual sessions about SharePoint, or book a SharePoint consultation with an Education Commons expert.