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File Sharing

Easy file sharing for departments and other groups


About File Sharing

Instead of using emails and conferences, it is beneficial to have a networked space where a group of people sharing the same interest can share files. This reduces the burden of personal email quotas and everyone who is a member of that group may drag and drop relevant files that can be accessed by all.

Quota: 500 MB (or as designated to a department, unit and/or project)


Who can Share Files?

1. SPACE for OISE Groups

Typical group membership includes file sharing between departments, units, centers and/or subgroups. Only members that have been designated to the group are permitted to view the documents posted.

This space is for files only and not for any associated messages that might accompany an email. For example an accounting group in any department would want to share various monthly, quarterly or annual budgeting spreadsheets. This is a secure place to store these files so that all involved have quick access to them as required.

If you are a member of a group, which is either automatic or by request through the supervisor of the group, department head or business officer, you can access (read-only) and/or post files (read and write) to the respective folder under the OISE Department Shares folder.


  • Once connect, click on the OISE Department Shares folder.
  • When you click on this folder an institutional folder structure will appear. It includes most of the units you are familiar with – SESE, CTL, Student Services, Deans Office, etc.
  • You will continue to click to the appropriate folder, subfolder or sub-sub folder to share your respective files.
  • If you have read and write access, you have the permission to drag files into the folder as well as drag them to your computer. If you have read-access only, you may only drag files to your computer.


2. SPACE for Research Projects

Research Project Space is another use of HomeSpace. OISE offers this same type of file sharing space to “other” groups, institutional endeavors and research projects.  A brief application form is filled out with required information that includes participant names, UTORid’s, project name, sponsor and such.



  • Once the application is approved and the account set up, the members may access and share files in the same way that has been described above under HomeSpace2 > ResearchSpace.
  • This folder will have a subfolder with the project name. Project space, unless otherwise agreed upon or funded is given a quota of 500MB.