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File Sharing & Back-up

  What is it?

HomeSpace is OISE’s institutionally-shared server space. You would access HomeSpace to store data, share files and publish documents. These institutional servers are backed-up regularly and offer protection via monitored security systems. A valid UTORid is required to access HomeSpace.

1. Personal File Backup how

Regular back-up of important documents, browser bookmarks and other settings is recommended in case of a hardware problem with your computer.

2. File Sharing (ShareSpace, ResearchSpace and DepartmentSpace) how

Homespace provides a networked space where different groups can share files.  This is often simpler than using e-mail or conferences.  Anyone who is a member of a shared group can simply copy needed files to or from the shared space.  Typical file sharing groups include departments, units, centres, subgroups and projects.

If you are a member of a departmental group (which is either automatic, or by request through the supervisor of the group head), you can access (read only) and/or post files (read/write) to the folder under the OISE Department Shares folder.

  Who is eligible?

  • OISE Staff
  • OISE Faculty, Instructors & Researchers
  • OISE Students

External users without UTORid’s are not permitted to access HomeSpace or must acquire a guest UTORid account through their OISE Departmental or Project liaison. At this time, we are also unable to accommodate other users (e.g. non-OISE, faculty, or students and who are not involved in research projects hosted on HomeSpace). For more information on guest UTORids, please see this page: http://utorauth.utoronto.ca/?page=sponsor_utorid

  What is the cost for this service?

There is normally no cost associated with this service, however, for extremely heavy or specialized use, you may be asked to help recoup some of the costs.

  How do I access this service?

  1. A valid UTORid (e.g. smithjoe). Get one.
  2. A HomeSpace Account (you can activate your account by visiting https://accounts.oise.utoronto.ca).
  3. Configuration instructions (see below).

  How do I request this service?

Requesting an Account

Normally, this self-serve process works instantly. However, in case of difficulties, please allow at least 4 business days to process your request manually.

  1. If you are a staff or faculty, simply point your web browser to our HomeSpace account activation service at https://accounts.oise.utoronto.ca. Log on with your UTORid username and password and your HomeSpace account should get activated automatically.
  2. If you are a faculty member who would like shared research space on HomeSpace, please refer to the Research Project Page.
  3. If you are staff or faculty requesting Institutional Webspace (OISEcms), HomeSpace is part of the application process.


  Installation & Configuration Instructions

1. If you are inside the OISE or ICS buildings and your computer is physically plugged into the network with a cable (e.g. desktop computer in your office):

Note: These instructions will only work if you are physically plugged into the OISE network with a cable. These instructions will not work if you're using the wireless network, even if you are in the OISE building! If you are using the wireless network, please see the section entitled "if you are using wireless..." below.

You may create a shortcut to HomeSpace on your Windows desktop by following the steps below. The desktop shortcut will allow you to quickly access all of your personal and shared files on HomeSpace.

  1. Activate your HomeSpace account by visiting https://accounts.oise.utoronto.ca and logging in with your UTORid and password.
  2. Right-click anywhere on your desktop.
  3. Select "New/Create Shortcut".
  4. Type in the following shortcut info \\Homespace2\
  5. Double-click on the new shortcut. If prompted, enter your UTORid credentials and click/check off "save" or "remember" my credentials options if available.

Mac users connect to HomeSpace shares by connecting to the address SMB://HomeSpace2/ using the "Go / Connect to Server" feature in the Finder.

If you require any assistance or have special requirements please request configuration assistance through the Client Care Portal.

2. If you are using wireless (including the U of T wireless) or are out of the OISE or ICS buildings (e.g. connecting from home):

This includes users in the OISE or ICS buildings using the wireless network.

  1. Activate your HomeSpace account by visiting https://accounts.oise.utoronto.ca and logging in with your UTORid and password.
  2. Simply log on to https://drive.oise.utoronto.ca/ to access your files, or follow the instructions specific to your type of computer (a PC with Windows or a Mac with OS X). If the oiseDrive website above is sufficient for your needs, you do not need to set up the Cyberduck software on your computer.

If you are sharing your machine with anyone (e.g. at home or at work), we HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT save the UTORid password as directed within the installation instructions.


Having Problems?
If you have an OISE computer and feel uncomfortable with the installation, you may request the installation and configuration through the Client Care Portal.  Please provide your computer's asset number with the request. The EC provides support for personal computers on a best efforts basis only.