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The Benefits of Office 365 Storage


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A Large, Reputable Company Hosts and Supports It

Microsoft Office 365 is a hosted product, meaning we have Microsoft's technical and security teams running the system and ensuring the ongoing availability, integrity and security of the data stored on it. We also benefit immediately whenever Microsoft adds new features or improvements to the platform.

The University of Toronto Has Vetted It Against Applicable Security Standards

Office 365 is provided in accordance with a carefully negotiated contract between the University of Toronto and Microsoft. As part of this arrangement, Office 365 is hosted in Canadian datacentres, operated and secured by Microsoft, and has been vetted by the University's central IT security team.

It Offers Superior Access Control

Office 365's file-storage administration functions allow fine-grained control over whom we allow to access files and folders.

It's Been Paid For

Office 365 is free of cost to OISE and all our users.

It Meets Defined Security Requirements

It allows the storage of a wide array of data, up to and including Level 3 classified data (see the University of Toronto's data classification policies for details.)

The University Stands Behind Office 365, NOT Any Other Competing Platforms

The Office 365 platform is provided by, endorsed by, and fully supported by the University of Toronto. This protects individual users and groups in the event of data loss or leaks, because the university has the tools, the resources, and the motivation to help with the rectification and investigation of such problems. Data hosted on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., will NOT have that backing, and users of those platforms who experience a loss or leak of data may have a hard time explaining why their data was not on Office 365 to begin with.