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File Storage

File Storage & Sharing

Important: Homespace is Being Retired

For instructions on how to retrieve your files from Homespace, click here.

OISE's current file-storage and file-sharing system, Homespace, is soon to be phased out, in favour of the more robust and up-to-date solutions offered in Office 365. Please consult the links below to find out how to prepare for this change.

Note that OISEDrive, the web-based method of accessing Homespace, is no longer available. For instructions on our alternate method of retrieving your files from Homespace, click here.

File Storage vs. File Sharing

For personal file storage, we will use Microsoft OneDrive, while file sharing will be done using Microsoft SharePoint.

If you are an OISE staff member, it's worth considering at this point that most of the files you work with are probably not your personal files.

As a rule of thumb, if you have a file that no one else at OISE would need to access in the event of your departure, then that's your own personal file; otherwise, it's the institute's data, and should be stored so that others will be able to access it. With Office365, that will mean sharing it using SharePoint.


  • For files owned and used by you.​
  • Storing content in OneDrive is like storing files on your computer; no one else can access them​.
  • Your OneDrive files can be shared with others, but once your account is gone, no one will have access to these files.
  • More information about file storage and OneDrive.


  • A SharePoint site is created for a group, department or research projects's use​.
  • Files can be accessed by the group's members for constant updating, editing and publishing​.
  • 250 gigabytes of storage are allotted by default, but this limit can be increased if the need arises.
  • More information about file sharing and SharePoint.