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Education Commons at OISE

Open Access Publishing

Policy, T-Space and the Open Journal System (OJS)


Open Access at OISE: In recognition of its commitment to make its research and scholarship widely publicly available, the OISE faculty is determined to increase access to its work among scholars worldwide, educators, policymakers, and the public. Learn more about OISE's Open Access Policy.


What is Open Access Publishing ?

Open Access is a term used to describe content that a reader can access without any subscription fees or costs. The overarching goal of open access publishing is to ensure the widest possible distribution of a given publication, such that researchers and educational communities around the world can easily access research and analysis that is important to their work.

  • Open access increases the availability of your published work to the research community, including access by practitioners in the field or colleagues in developing countries
  • Prioritized indexing of T-Space content and OJS content by Google and other search engines improves visibility and citation impact – more people will read your work
  • Self-archiving in T-Space and the use of the OJS system speed up the publishing model compared to the traditional process
  • Long-term strategy reduces costs of university library subscription fees through retention of faculty right to publish in an institutional archive
  • T-Space makes a commitment to make your work available via permanent URLs, which means that you can share links to your work, confident that the URL will not change. 


Open Access services offered by the University of Toronto: T-Space and OJS


1. T-Space


University of Toronto faculty interested in making their research available via Open Access may submit their research to T-Space, our centrally supported institutional repository. At OISE, we have structured T-Space collections of published works associated with Departments and/or Research Centres.

  • Graduate Students

All graduate students are now required to submit their thesis to T-Space. 


2. The Open Journal System (OJS)

The library supports the Open Journal System, which provides a complete workflow for creation of an online journal. It incorporates the submission of author articles, peer reviews and also provides the necessary functionality to publish the issue itself.

OISE Initiatives with OJS: Publications Using Open Journal System:

OISE Open Access Week 2009 - Archives:


How do i request it?


Read OISE's Open Access Policy, a statement encouraging the practice for greater knowledge mobilization.

Refer to the Faculty Users' Guide to T-Space (DRAFT) if  interested in submitting research publications to T-Space or creating an online journal.

Contact Michael Meth for more information.

Graduate Students

Contact Michael Meth for more information.

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