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Education Commons at OISE

Survey Wizard

Survey or poll a group online with our institutionally-supported survey tool


 What is this?

The Survey Wizard 2 is a web application for producing surveys online.

  • Surveys can be authored to any computer with Internet access or to PDF for pen and paper distribution.
  • Results are secure, centrally collected and ready for analysis.
  • Survey participants are invited through the tool’s unique participant group function
  • Results are downloadable
  • A maximum of 500 survey e-mails per week may be sent out, downloadable straight to Excel and analyzed with your preferred data analysis tool.

Use your UTORid to sign in to Survery Wizard!


 Who do we support?

OISE faculty, students & staff


 How do I request it?

To request a Survey Wizard Account, please contact the Client Care Portal at portal@oise.utoronto.ca

Once an account has been created, users will be provided with:


 What is the cost?

There is no cost to OISE faculty, students & staff.


 How do I get support?

*The EC is not responsible for solving problems with individual respondents' ability to access the system or requests for customization of the existing version of the tool.

Other Resources:

Survey Monkey: Uses a web browser to create and format questions; provides a link to the survey for distribution; allows the download of raw data into Excel or SPSS. Monthly fee for use.

Zoomerang: Uses a web browser along with templates to create questionaires; provides automated e-mail distribution; allows the download of raw data including cross-tabulation. Educational pricing available.