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Education Commons at OISE

Resource page for info booth event


Our author rights page - please tell patrons they can go back there later today for a link to the online version of the handout.


Granting agencies | Arguments for OA | Tools | Joining the movement | OISE-specific


Canadian granting agencies supporting OA

CFI (Canadian Foundation for Innovation) supports the Synergies platform, an open access research infrastructure

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research require that all research papers from its funded projects are freely accessible online within six months of publication and that bioinformatics, atomic, and molecular coordinate data be deposited into a public database immediately upon publication of research results.

Canada's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
has endorsed the principle of open access and is moving to increase awareness, pursue discussions with major stakeholders, and gradually incorporate open access provisions in research support programs.

Note that SSHRC sees open access as necessary for Knowledge Mobilization (KM) - putting research in the hands of practitioners. Special funding is alvb to for grant seekers who incorporate Knowledge Mobilization.

Arguments for OA

Soaring cost of knowledge (financial argument from libraries' perspective)



Citation advantage of open access articles - Article by UofT prof.
"OA articles twice as likely to be cited"


Evidence of greater impact of OA - how authors get cited earlier and more often

Freedom as an author/retaining copyright

Sparc author addendum explanation


Addendum PDF

Addendum engine

Sherpa-romeo: look up a journal and what you can do it with it

UofT Author fund
Remember we can help dispel the myth that "author pays" is the only OA model. Fewer than half of OA publishers use this model. And when they do, there are recourses avlb such as the author fund.

Open Utoronto open access, education resources, software, etc

Non-exhaustive list of UofT open access journals


Open Access for developing countries
- partnership with UofT

Regaining your rights

Use the SHERPA/RoMEO website to find a summary of permissions that are normally given as part of each publisher’s copyright agreement. You can re-use your materials (not the publisher's final copy) if the publisher has green or gold status.

If your publisher does not have SHERPA/RoMEO green or gold status, or if you'd like to use the published version of your article, you can write to your publisher using a permission request to the publisher. Any conditions from the permissions agreement provided by the publisher must be honored. You can find template request letters here.


Joining the movement

Create Change: How to be part of the change as an author, reviewer, teacher, member of editorial etc

Leslie Chan's Open Oasis is similar - also based on role: http://www.openoasis.org/



You may get a lot of OISE-specific questions.
The take here at OISE is that open access is necessary for/the first step toward  knowledge mobilization, ie putting research in the hands of practitioners such as teachers.

If anyone can't stop to chat but wants to know more about OISE context, send them there!

Examples of OISE OA Journals on Open Journal System:

  • Canadian Online Journal of Queer Studies in Education
  • Journal of Classroom Research in Literacy
  • Higher Education Perspectives
  • Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society
  • Critical intersections in education

Education open access journals around the world of interest to OISE community

OISE's OA policy
Basically a statement encouraging but not forcing OA at OISE. Passed at OISE Faculty council

Bibliography: impact of open access over time