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Upgrade and find those little apps you need...

Need a plugin to view a file, a conversion utility or an upgrade to an application?

Here is a list of all the prime providers for plugins or applications (usually free) that are commonly needed.


How does it work?

Normally, you need download the installation file to your hard drive and install the file onto your computer. It is often best to restart the program and/or your computer after the install to initiate the change. Sometimes the site will install the file for you, where no download is required. Follow the directions from the provider. 


Commonly Needed Utilities


Mozilla FireFox (Mac and PC - Recommended!)

Internet Explorer (PC only)

Safari (Mac only)

Netscape 7 (Mac and PC)


See file types if unsure which to choose or need.
Most of these support generic media formats such as: .avi, .wav, .mp3 or .mpeg

Quicktime (.mov files used extensively at OISE)

RealPlayer  (.rm, .ra files)

Windows Media Player (.asf, .wma, .wmv, .wm files)

Flash Player (.flv files)

Shockwave Player (.swf files)

VLC Media Player (to play videos)



Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf files)

Microsoft Download Centre

File Converter to open Office 2007 files (Windows)

Apple Downloads

File Format Converters

2003 Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack (ability to open Office 2007 files)

2007 Microsoft Office Add-in (ability to "Save as" PDF or XPS file)


File Transfer


Fugu (Secure Shell Mac)

Archiving and  Unarchiving

WinZip (PC)

WinRar (PC)

StuffitExpander (Mac)



UofT and Free

General Sites to Find Utilities

Other than to Google a utility you are searching for, there are many sites to help you find plugins, utilities, downloads or little extra aids/programs (which are generally known as shareware or freeware) - such as:



Here, you will need to pick your platform (Mac or PC and system) and search by key words for an application. It will always give you a rating and prompt you to download. After downloading any program, it must be installed on your system. Sometimes you need to restart your computer.