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Using Outlook as an RSS Reader

View RSS content from within your Outlook account.

Open with Outlook 2007 | Non-Outlook | Options if you don't have RSS

If you have been sent the RSS feed link for your listserv, you can open it directly in Outlook. 
If you don't have Outlook, you have other options.


View Listserv messages using Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 users have the ability to view RSS messages as an outlook folder right in your email.  If the RSS link has been sent to you, you can open it through a few different methods.


1. Open the RSS feed message using Outlook 2007:

Click the “Add this RSS Feed” button near the top of the message as shown below.



Follow the prompts and click yes.  Outlook should now include the Listserv messages in an RSS folder like this:


2. Manually open an RSS feed URL using Outlook

If you do not receive a message that includes the Add this RSS Feed button above, you can manually enter the RSS URL into Outlook.

In Outlook 2007, click on "Tools", "Account Settings" and then the "RSS Feed" tab.  Click on "New..." and enter the URL for the RSS feed.


View the messages using another RSS reader

Non-Outlook users (Mac/Entourage or web-based email) must use another method to view RSS feeds.

Click on the link enclosed in the message.  It will open a link in your default web browser and prompt you to open the RSS feed using whichever RSS feed options your computer has - for example, Safari and Firefox have RSS readers.


Options for viewing archived Listserv messages without using RSS

You don't have to use an RSS reader, your email program or the listserv website can access some Listserv archives.  How you do this can vary depending on the software installed on your own personal computer. 

1. File the Listserv email messages in your personal mailbox:

You can create a new folder in Outlook or Entourage and move listserv messages into that folder when you receive them.  You can have Outlook or Entourage automatically do this for you if you wish.  Follow the Self-Help Email Filtering directions for more information.  If you already have your own method of organizing messages in sub-folders, keep track of Listserv messages as you wish.

2. View the Archives online:

If you do not have RSS capibilities, you can save/bookmark a website URL to access the archives:


(replacing ListServName with the name of your listserv)