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Education Commons at OISE

Summary of EC Services

Not sure what the various services are? Bit confused with the terminology?

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We have provided you with a fairly comprehensive list below that refers to most of our menu items and fundamental services offered by or through the EC.

  • For Consulting, please refer to the various consulting sections within the left menu
  • For technical information/resources about teaching and learning online/distance education, see our Online Teaching and Learning site.
  • If you still don't know, contact the CCP and they will forward your request to the correct person.


 What is it? Who can use it?
Online Services    
UTORid UofT's universal ID/login system.  It is required for nearly all online activities at OISE and around campus. All students, faculty and staff.

Faculty/Staff - UofT's UTORexchange using a client application (Entourage or Outlook) to access your mail, plus calendaring and other integrated features.

Students - UofT's UTORmail system. ITE students for 2009-10 will continue to use OISENet.

Anyone with a UTORid
OISENet (incl. e-mail)

OISE's internal e-mail and conferencing system.  This system will be phased out in in the 2010-11 academic year.

2009-10 - Available only to new ITE (e.g. B.Ed., MT) students and instructors.

Anyone with an existing OISENet account has access until further notice.

Wireless Access UofT's on-campus wireless network (UTORwin) which allows you to connect your laptop wirelessly. Anyone with a UTORid
Blackboard (Bb) A Learning Managment System (LMS) which contains portal access to many UofT systems, the ability to create collaborative communities and used largely for its course delivery tools. All students and faculty attending a class hosted on Blackboard
Blackboard Community A space that can be created within Blackboard for collaborative work among a team of UTORid users (shared files and simple discussions). This is independant of any course functionality Bb offers. Anyone with a UTORid
HomeSpace OISE's institutional system for file sharing, backup and webpage publishing inlcluding OISEcms file storage (see below). Staff and faculty and some student groups involved with OISEcms functions.
Personal Webspace UofT offers personal webpages for anyone with a UTORid. Students are required to use this system to publish their web pages. ITE students and instructors may still use OISENet for 2009-10. Faculty and staff will be transfering their OISEnet webspaces to HomeSpace. Anyone with a UTORid
OISEcms An online Content Management System (CMS) for creating and editing web sites on the OISE domain quickly and easily. Linked to HomeSpace for file management. OISE departments, projects and some student groups


OISE supported Listserv.  The Education Commons can help you setup and maintain your listserv e-mail list.

OISE Faculty and Staff.
Online Tools
Classroom Tools

Online tools (such as survey wizard and other internet apps) to help with admin, research, teaching and learning.

Classroom tools such as whiteboards are generally used in the classroom. This page does include a list of all Ministry-licensed software (OESS) available free of charge to everyone at OISE.

Everyone at OISE
Media Production Services    
Audio Services Digital audio recording, mastering and restoration faculty, staff, students
Photography Services Digital photography manipulation, scanning, onsite photography, still image capture from video faculty, staff, students
Video Editing Professional quality editing services faculty, staff, students
Media Capture and Re-formatting Capture from older formats (tape, etc), conversion from one format to another, web-ready video faculty, staff, students
Technical Support Services    
Self Help Documents Self-help troubleshooting documents for most commonly used applications (Mac & PC). Everyone
Education Commons Help Desk The place to go for  technical help of any kind or other questions that will be redirected to specialits. faculty, staff, students
Supported Technologies

Desktop/laptop technologies and processes supported institutionally, including requests and RFP consults for projects or adminitrative needs.

Coming soon, contact CCP for information.

faculty, staff
Facilities   Externals to OISE requires a fee per facility
Computer Labs

Labs are available on a drop-in basis, or book a lab for a class/event. Mac and PC available with OESS software and other standard applications, projectors included.

faculty, staff, students
Media Production Suites Private rooms for media production, equipped with computers, recording equipment and necessary software. faculty, staff, students
Knowledge Innovation Technology Lab (KITL) A meeting room equipped with state-of-the-art projection for video conferencing/webcasting, touch screen and digital whiteboard technologies. faculty, staff, students
Equipment Loan/Rental    
Computer Equipment Laptops, projectors faculty, staff, students
Media Equipment & Support Audio recorders, camcorders, speakers, microphones, etc. faculty, staff, students
Research Equipment Transcribers. tape recorders faculty, staff, students


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