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Frequently Asked Questions

About the OISEcms...

Typical FAQ's:

  1. Urgent requests
  2. Inconsistent formatting
  3. Dimmed "paste as plain text" icon
  4. Changing styles on a page
  5. Hanging indent
  6. Line spacing
  7. Editor not displaying properly

1. How do I know if my request is urgent?

  1. There is an impending deadline where the site or page must go live.
  2. Information has been lost.
  3. There is something currently occurring that must be dealt with in order to not negatively affect work down the road (within a reasonable time frame).
  4. Spam issues.
  5. There is an inaccuracy or technical issue with the site. leading to user problems (within a reasonable time frame). User problems should be defined.

2. Formatting in the CMS editor is inconsistent. I can’t apply formatting to text that is copied and pasted from other applications.

Use the Paste as Plain Text feature (near the top right in the editing box). This is a necessary step because the code from other applications will often cause formatting issues (in any text editor, including this one).

  • Selecting this button will open a dialog box where text can be pasted. Text is inserted wherever the cursor is located at the time of insertion. This step will help clean all the code, especially from Word, and allow formatting to be applied to the text.
  • Once the plain text has been pasted, select all of the text by pressing Ctrl+A and format it as Bodycopy.
  • Then, proceed to select the individual words/lines as required as headers, subtitles, borders, etc., from the dropdown. All other formatting options are also available - bold, italic, bullets, etc.

Try this...

Open up any website and copy some text. In your own content area or test/hidden page, paste it as plain text and apply some formatting to it.

3. The “Paste as Plaint Text” icon is dimmed and cannot be selected.

“Paste as Plain Text” is dimmed if nothing has been copied to the clipboard, but is active if "copy" has been selected in another program.


4. I’ve applied a style to some text but would like to change it to another style. However, formatting is not consistent and as a result I don't get the format I expected to get.

Highlight the text and instead of selecting the new format you want straight away, click on the one it already is to deselect that formatting type. This clears the code. Then proceed to select the new style you want.

This doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's usually because the text was not pasted as plain text. 


5. I am adding a Bibliography in APA format to my website and need to use hanging paragraphs.

Hanging Paragraphs are not available in the current version of the text editor. Recommendation for WORK-AROUND:

  • Press shift+enter at the end of the first line.
  • Tab the line that is to be indented or press spacebar a couple of times.
  • Backspace the line that gets automatically inserted.

Try this...

Copy any paragraph from this page and, in your own content area or test/hidden page, follow the instructions above to create hanging paragraphs.


6. Line spacing does not display as formatted in the text editor once an edit area is saved.

Line spaces sometimes need to be adjusted in the second round after saving. Enter the edit area again, hit backspace as many times as necessary and save again.

One way to get around the automatic double-spacing that can sometimes occur is to add a soft return, by pressing shift+enter at the end of a line.


7. The text editor does not display properly. I get HTML options instead of the “What you see is what you get” editor I expected.

The text editor will not display in these two browsers: Safari and Firefox version 3 (beta). Please use a different browser.