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Education Commons at OISE

OISEcms (v.1.0) Help Files

Guides and Video Tutorials

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Video Tutorials

OISEcms (v.1.0) Training Guides and Tips

Basic Training Guides
  Who Relevance  
Formatting Starter Guide: Do's and Don'ts Content Editors Critical for all site contributors  
Advanced Formatting Options Content Editors    
CMS v1.0 Full Help Manual (for most users) Everyone Handy full-featured reference  
CMS v0.5 Full Help Manual Everyone Handy full-featured reference  
Wiki Full Help Manual Content Editors Handy full-featured reference  
Accessibility Guidelines  NEW Everyone Ensure site is accessible for all visitors  
Calendar Instructions Content Editors Quick reference  
Topical Guides 
  Who Relevance  
Uploading and Online File Management Content Editors Critical for backend site organization  
Optimizing Images and Videos for the Web Content Editors Critical for sizing and site memory  
Guide to (Creating and Editing) Menus and the Sitemap Approvers Critical for navigation  
The Site Approval Process Approvers Critical for going live  

CMS v1.0 Site Configuration (Configuring Your Site)

CMS v0.5 Site Configuration (Configuring Your Site)

Approvers Critical for site setup and overall design theme  
Contributor Membership Management Approvers Critical for managing contributors  
Planning, Layout Design
  Who Relevance  
Planning the Site Structure Approvers Organizing Your Site  
Design Elements      
All OISEcms Orientation  
Approvers Designing the Graphic Header  
Approvers Moving Around the Site  
Content Editors Include Columns, Sidebars, Images on a Page  
Content Editors Pre-OISEcms Image Preparation and Image Insertion.  
Content Editors Designing Tabular Information  
  • The Principles of Page Layout
All Creating your site's visual identity  
 OISE and Institutional Alignment      
  • Labeling Your Site (A Navigation Element)
Approvers OISE Policy and Other Guidelines  
  • Site Levels and Permissions
Approvers Where do you fit and how much design flexibility do you have?  
Approvers Do's and Dont's  
Checklists for Getting Started
   Who Relevance  
Startup Checklist for Content Editors Content Editors Necessary at Onset  
Startup Checklist for Site Admins (IMPROVED) Approvers Necessary at Onset  
Design & Planning Checklist Approvers Necessary at Onset  


OISEcms (v.1.0) Video Tutorials

Checklists for Getting Started
 Video Tutorial Who Content  
Content Editors Draft - Text Editing  
Content Editors Draft - Template Formatting  
Content Editors Draft - Text and Paragraph Styles  
Content Editors Draft - Hyperlinks and Anchors  
Content Editors Draft - Insert Images, Media  
Content Administrators Draft - User Management  
Content Administrators Draft - Approval Process + Make Live  
Content Administrators Draft - Menu Editor  
Content Administrators Draft - Creating Navigation  
Content Administrators Draft - File Management  
Content Editors myOISE Calendar Tool - Add an event to your calendar