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Education Commons at OISE

Institutional Webspace (OISEcms)

Creating websites for OISE departments, units, groups and projects

What is this?

The OISEcms is an online Content Management System developed by the Education Commons Development Group.  It is used institutionally to create, manage and publish websites.


  • Easy-to-use web editing features that do not require knowledge of html coding
  • Quick edits and updates 


  • Design features and elements are restricted to what is available within the application
  • This CMS has been designed to conform with OISE's institutional communication guidelines which fosters consistency with both UofT and OISE standards

Who do we support?

OISE institutional groups (including student groups) and projects but NOT individuals.

How do I request it?

An Application Form is required in order to request a CMS instance for your website. Please submit the request form ELECTRONICALLY to oise.help@utoronto.ca.

We CANNOT process immediate requests. Your request is put into a queue and we will respond within approximately 5-10 business days to set a schedule.


What is the cost?

  • There is no cost for creating websites.
  • Additional features can be added on a fee-for-service basis. Please book a consultation.

This CMS has been developed by the Education Commons Solutions Group in collaboration and partnership with many OISE researchers. We anticipate that this application will continue to improve and we encourage your input and funding for new features as they become available to the community at large.


When is it available?

Support is available by emailing the Education Commons.

How do I know if my request in urgent and whether I should expect immediate assistance?

  1. There is an impending deadline where the site or page must go live.
  2. Information has been lost.
  3. There is something currently occurring that must be dealt with in order to not negatively affect work down the road (within a reasonable time frame).
  4. Spam issues.
  5. There is an inaccuracy or technical issue with the site, leading to user problems (within a reasonable time frame). User problems should be defined.


How do I get support?

Meeting Institutional Design Guidelines

Please refer to the Mini Style Guide for the Web to assist you in selecting your web attributes, on the OISEs Strategic Communications page.



Thanks to our Contributors:

  • Jim Cummins: Language as Resource (CFI)
  • Charles Chen: Life Career Development Lab (CFI)
  • Njoki Wayne: A Glance@Africa (ITCDF)
  • Centre for Urban Schools (Departmental Funding)
  • Katrina Scott: Caring Dads (CFI)