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Education Commons at OISE

Personal Webspace (My Website)

Creating and Publishing Personal Websites


Your Options at OISE include:   UtorWeb  |  OISEcms  |  Wordpress


 Web Space

Faculty and Staff:


  • Students can also publish their personal websites using UofT's system - UTORweb.

How do thess accounts work?

Utorweb is a space where web-ready files can be uploaded so that they are published (e.g. viewable on the Internet).

Webpages must be created ahead using one's desired web editing software. 

The ready-made files are uploaded to UTORweb via ftp for to your defined publically accessible space (e.g. the internet). Those files are then accessed through a defined URL.


Other Options - Website Software:

Individual Faculty may also request an OISEcms site for research initiatives and knowledge mobilization. The OISEcms is a Content Mangement System allowing you to create your own pages with greater ease. See our OISEcms information.  This online software is fully supported.

Faculty and students may also request a Wordpress site by creating a ticket through the EC. The EC will HOST the site and ensure you are able to access your pages, however, we do NOT offer support on program functionality. There are many resources online for help with Wordpress.


 How do I request it?


 What is the cost?

 There is no cost.


 How do I get support with UTORweb?

Students, Faculty or Staff using UofT's UtorWeb System:

  • Personal UTORweb pages at <http://individual.utoronto.ca/> are accessed via FTP (file transfer protocol) via the hostname of individual.utoronto.ca.  You may use a free ftp client like Cyberduck
  • It uses the default FTP port, port 21 and utilizes ones’ UTORid and 8 character UTORid password for authentication.  
  • NOTE: Web pages which previously began with the URL of www.utoronto.ca/something, which are now <http://sites.utoronto.ca/something>, are now hosted on Amazon.
  • The Information Commons Help Desk (416-978-4357, press 2) mainly provides assistance with the transferring of files to/from ones’ UTORweb account, but not assistance with web authoring.  Depending on who you speak with when calling the Help Desk, you will find that some Help Desk advisors may have more knowledge about web authoring than others.
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