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Continuation of Collaboration:
Microsoft Teams for Hosting Meetings Remotely


Microsoft (MS) Teams is software for collaborating online. It includes audio- and videoconferencing, chat, screen sharing, etc. As a member of the U of T community, you are allowed to use it.
There is more than one way to avail yourself of Teams functionality: through the Teams application, or through the MS Outlook application (on Windows only), or through your web browser. Mac users, note that the Mac version of the Outlook application lacks the necessary features.
Follow these instructions to access MS Teams meeting functionality. If you experience any technical difficulties, please email oise.help@utoronto.ca

For OISE departmental chairs, business officers, principal researchers, directors, and others in a leadership role

If you want to have a team for all of your people within the U of T Microsoft Teams environment, send an email to need.team@utoronto.ca. In your request, include the name of your division and, to ensure that all the right people are included from the beginning, the names and utoronto email addresses of everyone who should be added to the team. Also, nominate a small number of people to be the owners of the team; they will have the ability to add and remove team members. Once the team is created, your people will see everything addressed to that team every time they log in. Bear in mind that your request will be added to a queue, so it may take some time to see it fulfilled.

Also note that all users are able to interact effectively on Microsoft Teams, even without a team specific to their division or group. Users can initiate chats and meetings with any other individuals on the system, and define chat groups for discussions with specific groups of colleagues.

If you are a Windows user, do you have access to the MS Outlook desktop app? 

1. If you have MS Outlook on your computer as a desktop app

  1. Check what version of MS Outlook you have on your desktop. 
  2. If it is a 2016 version, or more recent, you can use it with MS Teams. 
  3. If it is older than 2016, update to the newer version: Go to the Help menu and choose Check for updates, and update to the newest version available.

2. If you don’t have MS Outlook on your computer as a desktop app

  1. Go to  https://onesearch.library.utoronto.ca/ic-faq-categories/office-365-proplus
  2. Download Office 365 ProPlus (Windows or Mac).
  3. Open it, and login using your UTORid.

3. If you cannot obtain the MS Outlook desktop app

  1. You can use Outlook through your web browser. Visit mail.utoronto.ca and login using your UTORid.


All users, do you have access to the MS Teams desktop app?

1. If you don’t have MS Teams on your computer as a desktop app

  1. Go to https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads
  2. Download Teams.
  3. Open it, and login using your UTORid.

2. If you have MS Teams as a Desktop app

  1. Open it, and login using your UTORid

Creating a Teams Meeting

To initiate a Teams meeting, you will set it up, either in Outlook or in Teams, and invite the other people you want to attend.

1. Using MS Outlook (the desktop app on Windows, or via the browser)

  1. Go to Outlook’s Calendar view
  2. Click “New Event” (in the browser, upper image) or “New Teams Meeting” (in the Windows app, lower image)
    screenshot of setting up a meeting in Outlook on the web
    Outlook in the web browser
    Microsoft Outlook's Teams meeting function, on Windows
    Outlook on Windows
  3. Fill in the event details.
  4. Invite participants, or, in the case of office hours or virtual drop-ins, invite yourself.
  5. In the web browser, you should see an option “Add Online Meeting.” Select “Teams meeting”
  6. You will later see an entry in your calendar for this meeting, with a link to participate. This link will open in MS teams online. If you have the Teams app on your machine, you will be able to choose to open the meeting in the app (the better experience).

2. Using MS Teams (Windows or Mac)

  1. Open and login to the Teams app.
  2. Select Calendar on the left menu.
    the calendar button in MS Teams
  3. Click New Meeting.
  4. Fill in the event details.
  5. Invite participants, or, in the case of office hours or virtual drop-ins, invite yourself.
  6. Completing the above will send an email to the invited participants, via Outlook. 


Attending a Teams Meeting

  1. Attendees will receive invitations via email: a calendar invitation with a “join” button or a “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link.
  2. Click on the “join” button  or  “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link,  and your   browser will open a page with a  choice  of  downloading   MS  Teams app,  joining  on  the  web,  or,if you already have the app, launching it. You can participate very well via the web browser, but using the app does give a better experience.
    A screen offers the option to download MS Teams or use it online
  3. Click Join now, and make sure your audio is switched on, as shown. You’ll soon be conversing online with your fellow attendees.
    A screen for choosing settings in MS Teams

    A screen showing a Teams meeting successfully joined