Rethinking Education Commons: Building Strategic Priorities

Environment & Well-being

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Transformative impact of technology to influence and empower productivity and optimization to enhance wellbeing and environmental sustainability

Education Commons will create and share promising practices of technological advancement to shape wellness and improve environmental sustainability by “leaving a trail” at OISE and beyond.

  • Process optimization through digitization to simplify work processes, enhance productivity, and support positive impacts on wellbeing and environmental sustainability
  • Influence workplace practices that enable work flexibility and connectivity through technological tools and products that support presence and access anytime, anywhere, tailoring work to individual wellbeing
  • Mobilize Green IT practices to improve environmental sustainability through energy conservation, waste minimization, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Utilize technological tools and practices to support emotional and physical wellbeing at work and beyond
  • Ensure appropriate allocation of human and financial resources in support of this strategic direction
Rethinking Education Commons: Building Strategic Priorities

Digital Leadership in Research & Scholarship

Education Commons will strengthen its leadership in pervasive digital technologies and enable knowledge mobilization while inspiring global competencies of the digital World through application of advanced technology, partnerships, advocacy and engagement.

  • Leadership in best practice application to ensure efficiencies, sustainability and accountability
  • Celebrate research to action through knowledge mobilization in digital ways
  • Strengthening collaboration and economies of scale by working with UofT departments and community partners
  • Improve technological capacity and unlock technological innovation by building a roadmap to cloud
  • Assessment of OISE digital products and building of a roadmap to continual improvement
  • Enable value of information by supporting data driven (evidence based) teaching, research and scholarship through application of established and upcoming standards, discovery of new practice and use of innovative tools and techniques
  • Establishment of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information and data generated and used by teaching, research and scholarship
  • Focus on differentiating (value add) and minimization of duplication through partnership with UofT, leveraging shared services and building new partnerships while pursuing innovation, creativity and technological disruption that enables cutting edge research, innovative pedagogy and international engagement
  • Undertake discovery of “Internet of Things” that facilitates interconnectivity and integration
  • Adopt system approach to technological adoption to ensure sustainability, repeatability and predictability
Rethinking Education Commons: Building Strategic Priorities

Enabler of Innovative Pedagogy

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Education Commons will be positioned as a community advisor on discovering and embedding new and emerging technology in pedagogical design and delivery while building an “OISE signature” through digital leadership, applying technological innovation and building transformative impact by empowering global connectivity, equity, diversity and accessibility.

  • Establish collaborative advisory group of scholars on pedagogical design and delivery using technology
  • Enable innovative pedagogy through technology that is fit for use and fit for purpose
  • Champion technology integration into teaching and learning
  • Represent and showcase OISE at various technological and higher education gatherings, nationally and globally
  • Adopt system approach to injecting technological innovation through the use of techniques such as feasibility studies, pilots and proof of concept
  • Enable equity of access to technology and learning opportunities
  • Become champion of new and emerging technology
    • Discover new technologies through industry and community inquiry and collaboration
    • Establish “Tech Playground” in the Education Commons
    • Put OISE on the global “tech in higher ed” stage
  • Enable pedagogical use of technology
    • Architect technology to enable online learning
    • Build technology adoption strategies
  • Facilitate removal of barriers to learning with the appropriate use of technology
  • Adopt best practices and standards to enable digital accessibility
Rethinking Education Commons: Building Strategic Priorities

Education Commons: Community Partner

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Education Commons will become a community partner in enabling scholarly discovery through the seamless application of technology, and by becoming a global leader in informing best practices in the pursuit of discovery.

  • Establish advisory and collaborative structure to inform Education Commons focus, quality measures and scope
  • Renewed focus on customer service and enhanced community experience with Education Commons
    • Build catalogue of services available to the community based on their role
    • Establish Customer Service Charter – customer service guidelines and norms
    • Establish sustainable channels of focal point of contact with Education Commons
    • Adopt industry’s best practices in service management
  • Measure quality of service
    • Engage the community on building the baseline – survey on how we are doing
    • Develop Education Commons scorecard
    • Design Critical Success Factors (CSFs) with supporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Establish systemic approach to reporting on the CSFs and KPIs to OISE community
  • Build welcoming, inviting and collaborative Education Commons space where people play, collaborate, innovate and discover
    • Modernizing physical space through thoughtful and innovative renovation
    • Redesign space with indigenous elements, innovation and pursuit of discovery in mind
  • Build on commitment to Equity, Inclusion and Diversity
    • We will learn from and collaborate with Indigenous leadership in order to establish welcoming and learning environment for all
    • Explore opportunities around equity, inclusion and diversity inspired by technology
  • Transform through predictive analytics and AI augmentation to enhance service delivery and provide greater personalization
  • Foster continual talent development and growth to support strategic priorities
  • Re-establish Education Commons presence in the community
  • Establish culture of continual improvement
  • Re-establish and enhance Education Commons communication channels and strategies