Rethinking Education Commons: Building Strategic Priorities

Environment & Well-being

Totem poles in Stanley Park Vancouver, Canada

Transformative impact of technology to influence and empower productivity and optimization to enhance wellbeing and environmental sustainability

Education Commons will create and share promising practices of technological advancement to shape wellness and improve environmental sustainability by “leaving a trail” at OISE and beyond.

  • Process optimization through digitization to simplify work processes, enhance productivity, and support positive impacts on wellbeing and environmental sustainability
  • Influence workplace practices that enable work flexibility and connectivity through technological tools and products that support presence and access anytime, anywhere, tailoring work to individual wellbeing
  • Mobilize Green IT practices to improve environmental sustainability through energy conservation, waste minimization, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Utilize technological tools and practices to support emotional and physical wellbeing at work and beyond
  • Ensure appropriate allocation of human and financial resources in support of this strategic direction