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Educational Activism
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Rachel Wallace

Grade 12 student (2008-2009)
Upper Grand District School Board

Activism is not simply another subject to add to the curriculum. Instead, it is a way of living, and of teaching. By incorporating activism into daily lessons, it becomes a habit as opposed to yet another redundant task or something to memorize. Enthusiasm is contagious - if you are passionate about a cause, students will likely respond to this. For this reason, there is not one specific focus that teacher activism should have.

My personal experience is that when it is evident a teacher cares about something - anything - deeply; they are more likely to be respected by students. These teachers also always seem to be the ones who care most about their students.

This, I believe, is because activism is linked to caring. It is difficult to separate the two. As far as I have encountered, there is no limit to this; in fact, the only constraints on these two things seem to be time and finances.

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