System Updates

Check our system updates page to see the current status of known issues. If you know of an issue not mentioned on the update page, contact us to report it.


Our New Website

If you arrived here after trying to load a page from our old site, that’s because the old site has finally been decommissioned. Browse our new site to find the information you need, or contact us for assistance.

Producing Accessible Video

Learn how to use the live transcript feature in Zoom, in the first of a new series of Education Commons videos devoted to making your videos more accessible.

Windows Activation Notifications

If you are receiving a Windows Activation notice, use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN application available on OISE laptops to activate Windows. This app will let you connect to University-supported applications such as ROSI, AMS and many other U of T services that might not otherwise be available through the Internet. Learn how to activate Windows and connect to U-of-T services with Cisco VPN. 

Using the New Xerox Printers?

Video training on the Xerox Altalink 8100 Series printers.

Rethinking Education Commons: Building Strategic Priorities

Explore, reflect, leave us with your thoughts and invite us to collaborate.

Have We Got a Story for You!

At any given moment we are working on a number of different projects that have a direct impact on OISE. Visit our stories section to see what we’ve been up to.