Activate Windows and Connect to U-of-T Services with Cisco VPN

Cisco VPN

The Cisco AnyConnect VPN application is available on OISE laptops. Use the VPN app to activate Windows, and to connect to University supported applications such as ROSI, AMS and many U of T services that might not otherwise be available through the Internet.

To connect to the VPN, you will need to login with your UTORid credentials.

Launch & Configure Cisco AnyConnect on Your PC Laptop

Screenshot: opening Cisco AnyConnect VPN

  • In Windows, select Start, and scroll through the programs list until you see the Cisco folder.
  • Select the Cisco folder, then select Cisco AnyConnect Client to open Cisco AnyConnect.

Screenshot: opening Cisco AnyConnect

In the Cisco AnyConnect software:

  • Enter as the address.
  • Select Connect.

If the address is entered correctly, you will be prompted for your UTORid and password.

Screenshot: Cisco AnyConnect login

An authentication window will appear. When you are prompted to login to the VPN:

  • Leave the Group at the default setting of UofT Full.
  • In the Username field enter your UTORid and password.
  • Select OK.

At this point you will be connected to the UToronto VPN.

Screenshot: connected to Cisco VPN

  • The VPN software will indicate Connected to…
  • The Cisco AnyConnect icon in the Windows System Tray will show a globe with a lock over it.

Screenshot: system-tray icon indicates connection

You may now use your computer as normal.

If you are connecting to activate Windows, note that Windows and Office should activate automatically within two hours. No further action should be required on your part.

If you wish to verify that Windows has been activated, select Start, System, System information, and look for the Windows activation status near the bottom of the window that appears.

Screenshot: Windows activation status

If you need additional support, remember that you are always welcome to contact Education Commons at