Booking Occasional Access to the OISE Building During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Limiting Access to Ensure Safe Social Distancing

Heading into the 2020-2021 academic year, OISE is faced with the need toimplement some new procedures to deal with the exigencies of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As we all know, social distancing is a key strategy for reducing COVID-19 transmission. Therefore, we must attempt to manage the capacity of the building.

Who Is This Booking Form For?

Please note that this form is for individuals who have an occasional need to enter the OISE building.

You need to use this tool if…

the OISE building

  • You need to use this tool if you have to access the OISE building for a specific occasion or reason (picking up files, items, etc.).
  • You need to use this tool if you are a student who needs to enter Education Commons Lab 6 for computer access.

Do not use this tool if…

  • Do not use this tool if you want to request access for a group (e.g., a meeting); for such an event, you will have to coordinate approval with your departmental Business Officer.
  • Do not use this tool if you have already made arrangements with your manager to come to the building regularly.
  • Do not use this tool if you have a special need for regular access to the building, in which case you must coordinate with your manager or supervisor.

Using the Booking Form

If your work or studies absolutely require that you enter the OISE building for a special purpose, you will need to book the time-slot when you will enter the building, for the specific area you will access, using Education Commons’ online Building-acesss Booking Form.

Creating a booking for yourself is fairly simple.

  • Click the button below, and login to Office 365 if prompted.​
  • Fill in and submit the form, selecting the area of the building and the time-slot you require.
  • Be aware that you are limited to only two time-slots per week, and you can only book time-slots during the current week.
  • When you go to the OISE building, be ready to display the confirmation that the system emails to you, as well as your identification; it is the only way you will be granted access to the building.
  • Be aware that you may encounter other people in the area you access, and be ready to follow all of the usual measures for preventing the spread of the virus: wearing a mask, social distancing, hand-washing and sanitizing, etc.

If you wish, you can read a more detailed explanation of the booking process.

We appreciate your understanding of the need for these inconvenient measures during the current health crisis.