Facilitating Group Activities

Group activities can be facilitated online using Quercus and Office 365 tools.


Quercus allows for managing group activities online.

Creating student groups allows the students to have access to a group homepage with tools to post discussions, announcements, files, and wiki pages for sharing with the group.

Please review the instructions for creating student groups or the UTAdvanced Group Tool.

Note: Creating groups always creates group homepages, which are an extension of your course and need to be monitored. Do so by accessing the group homepage from the People tool.

screenshot: the Groups interfaceOffice 365


This tool can be used to hold meetings online and allows students to organize and hold small group sessions.

See U of T’s MS Teams page.

Note: Teams has a limit of 250 users per section.


This tool can be used to share and collaborate on documents in real-time with version control.

See U of T’s MS OneDrive page.

Note: Sharing can be managed to limit access to documents, so that they are are accessible to selected users, all users at the institution, or anyone with a link.